Many AdBlock Plus users have taken to Twitter today because it seems that Google has neutralised the popular ad-blocking extension. The extension was created back in 2006 and it allows users to block ads on the internet, which happen to be very crucial to an online publisher’s survival. AdBlock Plus is even capable of blocking ads served on YouTube but gauging from the reactions on Twitter it appears that Chrome is now bypassing Adblock and even forcing users to watch full-length video ads on YouTube.

Many users on Twitter are posting their experience along with images, showing that Google is circumventing AdBlock Plus and is now showing full-length video ads to those using the extension, it won’t even let them skip those advertisements.

Dig deeper and you find that Google is doling out the same treatment to all other ad-blocking extensions and its action isn’t exclusive to AdBlock Plus, which happens to be a very popular if not the most popular ad-blocking extension used by millions of people across the globe.

Reports on Twitter indicate that full-length video ads will be shown to those users who are have AdBlock enabled, they won’t get the option to skip the ad unless they turn off the extension, most ads served on YouTube can be skipped after five seconds.

Many publishers will come to like this move, but many might find fault with Google limiting users’ ability to choose how they interact with the advertisements served online.

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