Now this is definitely something strange to hail from a company like Samsung. I know that they do make phones for the future as well as have a strong presence in the world of consumer electronics and home appliances, but a portable air purifier for cars? Yes sir, Samsung has even creatively called it the Samsung Virus Doctor, which is quite the oxymoron since a virus would want to avoid the doctor at all costs, don’t you think so? Basically, the Samsung Virus Doctor is plugged into the cigarette lighter port, and it is tiny enough to fit into a cup holder, ensuring that the air within your ride will remain free from nasties such as airborne bacteria, allergens and odors – or at least that is what it claims. Hopefully the work done by the British Allergy Association to provide it with the relevant industry certification is not put to waste, and it does seem to be a low maintenance device. You can pick one up for $104 in either black or white colors. Would be nice to know the filters inside (if any) need to be changed, and if so, how frequently. Some might even say it is a waste of perfectly good space for you to place your hot cuppa.


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