sprimo[CES 2017] Everybody loves to have clean air to breathe without any exception, unless you are from a different planet. Some of us are more sensitive to pollens and other allergens that are in the air, which is why having an air purifier at home would be useful. Sprimo intends to provide everyone with a smart personal air purifier, offering a blanket of clean air in less than half a minute — never mind how large the room is.

Touted to be the world’s smartest personal air purifier, the Sprimo works very differently from traditional air purifiers. It will not rely on the amount of square footage to define its level of success or effectiveness. Rather, Sprimo’s smart air purifier is capable of learning, adapting and delivering clean air towards your breathing zone in less than 30 seconds. This is perfect for those who suffer from seasonal allergies, or happen to work in an environment which they have no control over

The Sprimo is made possible thanks to the wonders of the science of Personal Ventilation (PV). The effect is close to instant, where a clean air blanket will form around you almost immediately after turning it on. In the long run, it is also more economical since there is no need to power it round the clock, and neither do you have to keep the windows and doors shut for increased effectiveness.

The Sprimo Personal Air Module dongle is tipped to ship later this August, where orders for it will begin from March 2017 onward. Actual pricing details have not been set yet, but it ought to cost anywhere from $300 to $399.

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