When you’re walking around in the real world, one thing you’ll never come across is an air purifier. This means things in the air, such as exhaust fumes, smog and stinky perfume can enter your body and cause all sorts of havoc. You could decide against ever leaving your home, but for those of you where that isn’t a viable option, you could always hope something like the Hand Tree turns into an actual product.

The Hand Tree is a concept design by Alexandr Kostin which combines wearable technology, such as a bracelet, with an air purifier. The Hand Tree would essentially be used as a travel purifier which can filter the air around you as you walk around, thus surrounding you in a constant area of fresh air that doesn’t include the nasty smells and toxins we mentioned earlier.

As great of an idea as the Hand Tree is, we think it not only would be rather difficult to shrink an air purifier into a bracelet, but we’re not entirely sure just how well it would do in purifying the air around you. If your mouth is literally on an exhaust pipe, would the bracelet help filter out all of the toxins it’s spewing? We think not, but we’d certainly like to hope so.

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