I am quite sure that you have read about how Beijing of China’s air quality in recent times have plummeted to dismal levels, with the amount of pollution in the bustling city hitting unprecedented sky high levels, so much so that the smog there can last for up to a week, before Mr. Sunshine makes an appearance. Well, wearing flimsy face masks is not going to help the situation, but perhaps it might prove to be a psychological booster, I am not too sure. Other folks prefer to remain indoors and just turn on the air conditioner, leaving the windows closed for as long as possible where necessary, and this situation has proven to be a catalyst for budding inventors to come up with crazy ideas such as this air purifier helmet.

Basically, this particular device is a helmet that is attached to a portable air filtration system which you can tote around on your waist. Paraded at the East China Fair recently, this anti-smog helmet will run on a lithium battery which has a battery life of up to 8 hours, and a warning alarm will go off whenever it starts to get low on juice.

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