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Man Hijacks Portland Airport Monitor To Play PS4 Game
We know what it is like to be bored at the Airport with nothing to do but wait.However, a gamer thought it would be cool to plug in his PS4 to one of the monitors at the Airport to play “Apex Legends” as reported by The Oregonian.The incident took place on Thursday when one of the monitors at the Airport that displayed important information (reportedly, the map of the Airport) […]

Apple’s AirPort Devices Are No Longer Being Sold By The Company
While Apple has typically been known to be self-reliant when it comes to their products, such as developing their own hardware and software, at the same time we’ve seen how the company has been slowly discontinuing some of its products, such as the Thunderbolt Display, and more recently it appears that their networking hardware is also on its way out.

Apple Is Starting To Sell Out Of Its AirPort Base Stations
Apple announced last month that they would discontinuing its AirPort router lineup and now according to MacRumors, it looks like AirPort units are already starting to sell out either in Apple’s Stores or Apple’s Online Stores. The first “casualty” would be the AirPort Extreme which has been listed as sold out in the US, but is still available in limited quantities in other parts of the world.

Apple’s AirPort Router Lineup Has Been Discontinued
A report from a couple of years ago suggested that Apple could be looking to discontinue its AirPort series of routers. It was unclear why, but perhaps Apple could simply be looking to redirect its resources to bigger projects. Unfortunately for those who do love the AirPorts, it has since been discontinued.


Apple May Stop Making Routers
Apple has been in the router business for a very long time. The AirPort and Time Capsule products have been loved by millions of people across the globe but if a new report is to be believed, perhaps they should stop looking forward to new iterations of those products. According to the report, Apple is actually going to exit the router business rather quietly.

$82 Million Private Jet Terminal For Silicon Valley Elites Approved
Silicon Valley is home to aspiring startups and billion dollar behemoths alike. Quite a number of companies based there use corporate jets and now the San Jose City Council has approved construction of a $82 million corporate jet terminal at the airport. The council approved a 50 year lease agreement with a private company, Signature Flight Services, which will build this terminal on the west side of Mineta San Jose International Airport.Google will […]

Hologram-like helpers coming to New York airports in July
The Port Authority of New York has announced plans to add new customer service agents to LaGuardia, Newark and JFK airports this coming July. These are not ordinary agents though, they are computerized hologram-like agents that will be deployed to work in an effort to beef up the Port Authority’s customer care program, especially during the busy summer season. WNYC Radio was able to get a video of one of […]

New software removes "naked" body scans (airport security)
Airport security is never easy. Ever since the rise of aircraft-related crimes in recent years, the country has taken serious measures to ensure the safety of its flight crew and passengers on planes. One of the measures implemented to counter this problem has been full-body x-ray scanners that reveal everything about a passenger, most importantly: what’s underneath their clothes. Unfortunately this means that passengers are left in plain view, totally […]

Samsung Mobile To Provide New Charging Stations At Washington Airport
Will you be travelling outstation for the 4th of July weekend? If you are, Samsung has provided the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) with all new mobile phone charging stations, which will allow travelers on the go to stop and charge their mobile devices. This will help to ensure that when they land at their destination, they will have a full bar of battery ready to go.

AirPort device stocks running low, refresh in the works?
There has been a fair number of reports from a bunch of Apple Stores across the US which points toward a low figure in AirPort devices stock, or even being out of stock. This means the AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule models are getting rarer by the moment – or should we say, harder to procure? There are no whispers of an imminent refresh concerning the AirPort range […]

ShairPort uses exposed Apple AirPort Express private key to stream iTunes music to unsupported devices
A developer has successfully reversed engineered the private key for Apple’s AirPort Express and published  an open source AirPort Express emulator called ShairPort. This means that users can now stream music from their iTunes onto unofficial third party devices that are not supported by Apple. No word on whether hardware manufacturers will be coming up with hardware that supports this decrypted private key to stream music from iTunes, but you […]

World's first Skype phone booth in Estonia
Now that we all have Skype on our mobile phones, you would think that there would be no need to Skype from our computers or anywhere else. Well the folks in Estonia don’t think so. They have installed the world’s first Skype phone booth in the Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport in their capital city. Functioning like regular internet terminals that people can use to send emails or check the web, […]

easy2pick helps you spot your luggage at the airport
Don’t you just hate it when you’re waiting for your luggage at the airport carousel, but everyone seems to have the same bag as you? Well, the folks over at X-treme Geek have developed this nifty little gadget to help you with that problem. Called easy2pick, it is comprised of a tag which you affix to your luggage, and a keychain sensor which you keep with you. When the sensor […]

London airport recruits holograms to make announcements
If you walk into the Luton Airport in London today, and are lining up to get through security, don’t be alarmed if you feel like you’ve stepped into some 90s sci-fi film. Luton Airport has decided to enlist the help of two holographic staff to brief you on proper travel procedure. The holographic staff, aptly named Holly and Graham were chosen because they were attention grabbing (how often do you […]