Apple announced last month that they would discontinuing its AirPort router lineup and now according to MacRumors, it looks like AirPort units are already starting to sell out either in Apple’s Stores or Apple’s Online Stores. The first “casualty” would be the AirPort Extreme which has been listed as sold out in the US, but is still available in limited quantities in other parts of the world.

However the AirPort Express and AirPort Time Capsule still appear to be available but we expect with Apple killing off the lineup, eventually they will run out of stock too. However if you have had good experiences with them, maybe you might want to restock one or two units at home if you wish to keep using them, or maybe you just want to keep a piece of tech history with you.

Apple had previously stated that they will continue to sell AirPort products until supply runs out, so like we said you better move fast if you’re hoping to get your hands on them. That being said, it is a bit sad to see them go despite Apple not having refreshed them for years. The AirPort routers have ranked pretty high in terms of customer satisfaction, but we suppose it doesn’t come as a surprise given that Apple’s focus seems to be on its higher-end products.

Apple had also previously killed off its Thunderbolt Displays and have instead worked with LG on creating monitors designed specifically for their Mac computers.

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