There has been a fair number of reports from a bunch of Apple Stores across the US which points toward a low figure in AirPort devices stock, or even being out of stock. This means the AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule models are getting rarer by the moment – or should we say, harder to procure? There are no whispers of an imminent refresh concerning the AirPort range of products, but so far history has shown that whenever Apple’s inventory channels start to get constrained like this, it is more or less a signal that a product update is on its way. 

Bear in mind that WWDC this year is widely tipped to concentrate mostly on software only, so if the AirPort line update is announced there, this will come across as a pleasant surprise. Perhaps Apple has plans to tie an updated AirPort line in with its iCloud offering?

What if there is no need to announce word of such an update at WWDC, assuming Apple just decided to quietly bump up the specs of the AirPort products without involving any major changes? That is another possibility, just bear in mind that nearly two years have gone by since the last upgrade is made to the AirPort line.

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