While Apple has typically been known to be self-reliant when it comes to their products, such as developing their own hardware and software, at the same time we’ve seen how the company has been slowly discontinuing some of its products, such as the Thunderbolt Display, and more recently it appears that their networking hardware is also on its way out.

In fact according to reports, it looks like Apple has stopped selling its AirPort devices, which effectively spells the end of Apple’s networking efforts. This includes the AirPort Time Capsule, and AirPort Extreme models. Prior to this, the AirPort Express was no longer being sold, so the fact that these devices are no longer being offered marks the end of the lineup.

It is unclear as to why Apple decided to stop selling these devices. In fact many reviews of Apple’s AirPort products have been largely positive, so like we said, it’s a bit odd that Apple has decided to stop selling it. It is possible that maybe there just weren’t enough people buying it to warrant the company spending resources producing them.

Either way if you are in the market for an AirPort, you could try your luck at an Apple Store to see if they have any units left over, or you’ll have to turn to third-party retailers and platforms such as eBay, although we imagine that some sellers will probably mark the prices up.

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