1003754_10151604602397075_537383001_nIf you’ve played American McGee’s Alice series of video games, you might have heard our story on how the developer was looking to fund Alice: Otherlands, a project in which we will see Alice animated into short episodes where she dives into the mind of some of the great thinkers of the era. Well the good news for those who loved the franchise and were hoping to see the project successfully funded, your wish has come true as American McGee has announced that the Alice: Otherlands project was successful and has managed to raise a little over its goal of $200,000.

McGee has stated on his blog that there are still a couple of things left that he needs to do, such as talking with animators, composers, and future potential funders as well. For those hearing about this for the first time, it’s still not too late to help McGee fund the project a little further as he has set up a PayPal shop in which you can still pledge your support and purchase artwork which will be going towards the overall funding of the project. In any case this seems like an awesome project from what we’ve seen based on the ideas and artwork, and we can’t wait to see the animated shorts that will be released in the future!

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