desert.0_cinema_960.0Last week Spicy Horse games announced via its Kickstarter project page that they were hoping to use some of the money from its OZombie campaign to secure the film rights to Alice, essentially making a movie based around American McGee’s Alice. It was an interesting idea and given American McGee’s twisted take on the classic story, the movie could have essentially turned out to be a pretty dark movie. However it turns out that many Kickstarter backers for OZombie did not fully agree with the proposal, and American McGee has since removed the funding for the Alice film rights from its campaign. If we had to guess, we suppose backers of the original OZombie campaign were thinking they were only backing a game, and probably weren’t too pleased to find out that their money could potentially be used for something else as well.

Either way in the Kickstarter update, McGee has also stated his intentions to rename the OZombie game because apparently it was creating too much confusion and is asking for some suggestions from the public. If you thought the name “American McGee’s Oz” would be cool, unfortunately the rights to that name is currently owned by Atari and others, suggesting that it could cost a lot more money if they were to try and buy those rights as well. In any case if you were hoping for an American McGee’s Alice movie, it looks like the plans for such a film to happen have been put on ice, at least for now.

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