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Angry Birds Star Wars Headed To Consoles, Handhelds On October 29
We think it’s safe to say everyone has had their fill of Angry Birds Star Wars news for the rest of this month which started with the original game being made available for free on iOS, which was then followed up with news of its sequel just a few days after. Now it looks like we’ve got another piece of Angry Birds Star Wars news for you to chew on as  Rovio […]

Angry Birds Star Wars II Coming September 19 Along With Physical Toys
Rovio announced it will be releasing its Angry Birds Star Wars II on September 19 along with interactive toys.

Angry Birds Star Wars Prequel Teased Ahead Of July 15 Reveal
Rovio has teased its Angry Birds Star Wars news prior to its July 15 unveiling.

Angry Birds Updated To Include New Levels, Powers, Traveling Pigs
We know there are some of you who absolutely still cannot get enough of Rovio’s Angry Birds. You probably have multiple mobile devices, computers and video game consoles that have a version of Angry Birds ready for you to fling to your heart’s content. But if you’re a true Angry Birds fan, you probably still play the original game on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, which is a good […]


Angry Birds Trilogy Headed To Wii, Wii U On August 13
Activision will be bringing its Angry Birds Trilogy to the Nintendo Wii and Wii U later this summer.

Angry Birds Go! New Game Teased By Rovio
Rovio teased today a new title of the Angry Birds franchise. Called Angry Birds Go!, only a sneak peak has been offered right now, with more information promised over the summer.

Angry Birds Gets Coffee Table Book Telling Behind-The-Scenes Stories
Rovio has announced a new Angry Birds coffee table book which tells the untold story of the game's creation.

Rovio’s Angry Birds About To Get Their Own Movie
Rovio knows for sure that they have yet to finish milking their seemingly bottomless cash cow known as Angry Birds, despite seeing plenty of merch released in the past, various add-ons and expansions in the game, in addition to theme parks, but how about the silver screen? Yes sir, you will soon be able to catch Angry Birds in a cinema near you, although they will not come in the […]

Original Angry Birds For Windows Phone Free Until May 15
“Better late than never” might be one adage that is tried and tested which will be used to describe the availability of the original Angry Birds on the Windows Phone platform for free – at least, until May 15th, that is. This game that requires one to fling birds who have blown their top (while looking oh-so-cute) towards the direction of green colored pigs who snicker and grunt from time […]

Angry Birds Friends For Android And iOS To Release On 2nd May
Angry Birds is one of the most popular mobile gaming franchises out there. It was originally launched on iOS, now its available on a host of different platforms and is played by millions of people around the world. The game is fun and addictive in its own unique way. Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds, often releases updates and new titles to keep users hooked to this franchise. Today they’ve […]

Angry Birds Wrecking Ball Spotted In Washington D.C. Construction Site
Rovio’s Angry Birds have been known to knock down a number of structures which their sworn pig enemies have built for several years, but one thing we have yet to see is an Angry Bird in the wild knocking real-life structures down. That is, until today.An Angry Birds wrecking ball was spotted by Redditor bmorschwack on a construction site for an upcoming condominium community called CityCenterDC. Bmorschwack caught a glimpse […]

New Angry Birds Seasons Game Expected Soon
Angry Birds Seasons titles are much loved by afficionados of the game. Rovio, the developer of this hugely popular franchise, has hinted that a new Seasons title is coming. The release will apparently be themed around the spring season and will be the 16th Angry Birds Seasons title. The release will correspond with the current season, just like all titles before it have. Apart from releasing a teaser image, Rovio […]

Angry Birds AI Competition Java Code Released
The Java code which saw action in last year’s Angry Birds artificial intelligence competition is no longer some sort of secret stashed away on the cloud or on someone’s hard drive, as it has been released into the wild. Wait a minute here, did we miss something? What do you mean by an Angry Birds artificial intelligence competition? Well, that was a tournament organized by the Australian National University’s Artificial […]

Rovio Angry Birds Toons Gets Worldwide Launch
It was at the end of last month when we brought you word that Rovio will be rolling out Angry Birds Toons, which is yet another potential cash cow for the Finnish company who seems to be intent on making the most out of their hit gaming franchise. Well, Rovio has even more good news for the masses this time around, as they have announced that they will be delivering […]