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Angry Birds Stella Set To Offer New Adventures
The Angry Birds franchise has just received the latest addition to its family – Angry Birds Stella. Stella, no doubt a female bird, alongside her friends have opened up an exciting new world which will further expand the Angry Birds universe by throwing in more fun and adventures. Stella and her friends have shared a great love for fun, adventure and creativity, where Stella’s story will send fans to other […]

Rovio: New Angry Birds Title “Coming Soon”
If you think that there has been more than enough Flappy Bird news circulating the Internet these days, and want to take a break from it all, how about this pleasant bit of information from Rovio, the developers of the hugely popular Angry Birds franchise that shows no signs of slowing down or dying out? Rovio took to Twitter to share with the masses that “Big adventure with new birds […]

Angry Birds Website Hacked, Known As Spying Birds Instead
It seems that birds are not the only ones who get angry – hackers too, have emotions. They are human after all, and a bunch of hackers have defaced the official Angry Birds website earlier today, citing them as Spying Birds with the NSA logo located right smack on the forehead of the red bird. This defacement of the website came about after reports that both of the U.S. and […]

Rovio Denies Allowing NSA To Spy On Users
Last year Edward Snowden blew the whistle on U.S. National Security Agency’s clandestine electronic spying programs. Since then he has leaked a barrage of highly classified documents revealing various programs. Yesterday, in yet another Snowden leak, documents alleged that the NSA in collaboration with UK’s GCHQ had been siphoning off personal data of users through popular mobile applications. Angry Birds was named as one of those apps in the documents, […]


Angry Birds Go! In-App Purchases Rumored To Get Very Expensive
What do you think of the freemium model for mobile games? It certainly does have its advantages as you will first be able to give the game a go in terms of checking it out, whether it falls within your expectations or otherwise, and then only will you invest additional dollars to make sure that your progress in the game itself will go on smoothly. Of course, there is also […]

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Makes Its Way Onto The PC
Heads up Angry Birds fans! If you loved playing the game on Android and iOS devices, Rovio has announced that Angry Birds Star Wars 2 will finally be making its way onto the PC. The developer has placed the game up for purchase and download via its website and gamers can expect to fork out $4.95 for it. The game was originally released for mobile devices back in September but […]

Former EA CEO Thinks Angry Birds Could Use More Innovation
Angry Birds has probably got to be one of the biggest names in mobile gaming at the moment. The developers, Rovio, have since released many variations of the game to tie-in with movies as well as other franchises, such as Star Wars, but overall each variation is essentially the same game with a different look and sometimes slightly different mechanics as well. To that end, former EA CEO, John Riccitiello, […]

Angry Birds Go! Announced
It does seem as though Rovio will no longer be able to escape the “gravitational pull” of their Angry Birds franchise, as anything else that they roll out will not matter all that much. You could more or less say that they are a victim of their own success in this case, and this time around, we have the announcement of Angry Birds Go! – coupled with its licensing partners. […]

Rovio Entertainment Animation Channel Passes The 1 Billion Views Mark
GTA 5 might have earned Rockstar more than $1 billion in just a few days after it was launched, and here is another figure for you to chew over if you are all for trivia. Rovio Entertainment has reported that their animation channel has passed the 1 billion views mark, and not only that, there is also a brand new Angry Birds series which is in the pipeline for a […]

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Cashes In On GTA 5 Hype
For Angry Birds fans, you might have heard that the Angry Birds Star Wars 2 game is set to debut on the 19th of September, and with Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 released a couple of days ago, it looks like the folks at Rovio have decided to hop aboard the GTA bandwagon by releasing the image above to help market its upcoming game, while taking advantage of the hype […]

Angry Birds Playground To Be Introduced In Chinese Classrooms
What started as an iOS game has now become a global phenomenon. Angry Birds is perhaps the most popular mobile game franchise out there, the game is actually available for a wide variety of platforms right now. Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds, has now teamed up with the University of Helsinki to create Angry Birds Playground. Basically, its a set of educational materials geared towards kindergarten-age children. Based on […]

Angry Birds Space Gets A Cosmic Crystals Update
Angry Birds has to be one of the most popular mobile games we’ve seen and the developer, Rovio, has pushed out different variants of the game in the past, such as Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Seasons, and etc. However for those who have played the Space version of the game and were looking forward to additional content, well you’re in luck as Rovio has recently […]

Angry Birds Star Wars II Sees Personal Invitation From The Emperor
When someone like Emperor Palpatine gives you an offer to “join the pork side”, you would be nuts to refuse his offer unless you do not mind being electrocuted to death by his Force Lightning. Of course, this is somewhat like Vito Corleone who gives people an offer they cannot refuse, but with a whole lot more tricks up his sleeve – literally, considering how Palpatine’s robe has a pretty […]

Rovio Account Rolled Out Globally For iOS And Android
Rovio makes of the most used mobile games in the world, called Angry Birds. It was initially released for iOS only, but by now Angry Birds is available for a number of different platforms and is easily one of the most downloaded titles around the globe. Many people today have different devices and they’re likely to have their favorite games on each particular device. The Rovio Account service lets users […]