Yes, so Angry Birds fever is about to land on even more gaming platforms in the future, but here we are with word from Rovio that Angry Birds Trilogy will consume the better part of 300 hours of your life here on Earth (where else are you going to play Angry Birds, on Mars?) in order to complete the game. With approximately 700 stages in total, the 300 hour challenge refers to players clearing it with a 100% destruction rate while calling upon the help of the Mighty Eagle.

Executive producer Kalle Kaivola of Angry Birds mentioned, “I’d love to meet the guy who does that first, I’m just totally going to congratulate them.” I’m quite sure that Kalle is not the only one, and while it takes an “average” of 30 hours to complete all the stages in the Angry Birds Trilogy, the number of hours would increase by a whole lot if you want to do so with a three-star ranking. Something tells me that if you are an avid Angry Birds fan, you would still want to replay Angry Birds Trilogy all over again even though you’ve completed the game.

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