You know you have it made when your company not only creates one of the most popular smartphone games of all time, but when you also beat out both Coke and Pepsi as one of the bestselling drinks. Ok we’re pretty sure it doesn’t go like that but the folks at Rovio have done just that. The Finnish company’s own brand of Angry Birds soft drinks has, and according to reports, managed to beat out both Coke and Pepsi as the most popular drink as far as the Finnish market is concerned. Of course this surge in popularity might simply have something to do with the novelty of it, rather than the taste itself, but since we have yet to try it we’re only speculating here.

So how does it taste like then? According to The Next Web’s Jamillah Knowles, the Angry Birds soda “tastes a bit like Lilt but less sugary and maybe a bit more like apples.” It doesn’t sound too bad, right? Many companies have dabbled in their own brand of soda in the past, such as Virgin if anyone can remember, although personally the taste of the drink left much to be desired. Will Rovio’s soda spin-off be as successful as the game itself? Only time will tell. For those who are looking forward to trying for themselves, it is expected to be made available in both New Zealand and Australia soon.

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