geek-watchI am quite sure that by now, there have been a whole lot of folks who have compared the Apple Watch to the classic Casio calculator watch, and surely when this happens, the inevitable will follow. Some smart aleck has decided to forge ahead and come up with an app that will surely resonate with the older generation, calling it GeekWatch. Basically, GeekWatch will “dumb down” your Apple Watch, so to speak, as this app will transform the expensive Apple Watch into a calculator watch.


While it is not too difficult to pick up a calculator watch on the likes of Amazon without having to break the bank, it does not have that kind of novelty factor associated with the irony in using your Apple Watch with Casio calculator watch lookalike. Of course, on doubt due to humor and in order to avoid having lawyer letters fly in their direction, the “Casio” brand has been swapped out for “Geekio”.

Do take note that since Apple has not yet enabled custom watch faces to date, it cannot take over the whole screen, which translates to having the likes of borders, margins and text around the edges, all for $1 a pop. Do you think that the GeekWatch will be a success?

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