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Children’s Hospital Comes Up With Sleep App
Hospitals might not be a fun place at all to be at, but I would suppose that you can call it a necessary part of life, especially since this is the place to go to whenever you are assaulted by an illness that a simple dose of aspirin is unable to help. The Evelina Children’s Hospital in London has come up with a free app that is touted to improve […]

The World Ends With You: Solo Remix Pulled From iTunes
Have you ever played The World Ends With You on the Nintendo DS when it was released all those years back? Well, it seems that this mobile game has not had that much luck on the Apple platform, as we received word that The World Ends With You: Solo Remix has just been pulled from the iTunes App Store simply because there does not seem to be a fix in […]

HTC Updates Video Player On Google Play
It looks like HTC is having a ball of a time when it comes to updating their apps over on Google Play, making life a whole lot easier not only for the smartphone owner, but also for the carriers. No longer do carriers need to wait for a customized app release, as anyone using that particular HTC smartphone can always head on to Google Play to see what app has […]

Starbucks App Lets You Reload Your Starbucks Card With Apple Pay
If you’re a frequent patron of Starbucks in the US, you’re probably more than familiar with the Starbucks app which lets you pay for your drinks without ever needing your wallet, as long as you have enough money in the app to pay for your purchases. The good news for Starbucks app users is that the app has recently been updated with support for Apple Pay.No, this does not mean […]


Je Suis Charlie App: 1 Hour Approval After Email To Tim Cook
There are times when things need to be expedited – and the Je Suis Charlie app is one such example, where an email sent to Apple CEO Tim Cook saw the app approved within an hour of its submission. claimed that French news agency Nice-Matin fired an email to Tim Cook, asking for Apple to expedite the review of the Je Suis Charlie app, where users can map their […]

ConnectedDrive Store Lets You Purchase Services A La Carte
For those who happen to be able to afford a BMW – I am quite sure that you would have been very happy with the kind of hardware and technology that your ride comes jam packed with. In fact, should you want to include new features to your ConnectedDrive BMW, the process was pretty simple (albeit expensive) since you had to purchase a new BMW. This modus operandi looks set […]

App Developer Pays Off Parents’ Mortgage
‘Tis the season to give and be generous, and Joe Riquelme certainly lives up to the spirit of the Yuletide season, that is for sure. After all, Joe Riquelme happens to be the developer of the iOS app known as Videoshop, and it seems that over time, Riquelme has managed to earn enough from this particular app in order to pay off his parents’ mortgage – how filial is that?

Punch-A-Monet Sans The Guilt
Do you love art? Well, art can be very expensive to collect if you are a serious collector, although having to preserve your collection itself is another story altogether – where you would also need to take extra care to ensure that it does not get damaged. However, there are times when you would want to vent your anger – and spoiling an expensive painting could be a therapeutic experience.

Atari Fit Fitness App To Arrive Next Year
It is undeniable that the name Atari still has a fair amount of pulling power, having been one of the world’s most recognized publishers and producers of interactive entertainment. Well, their latest effort does not have much to do with gaming, but rather, it will target your health. Known as Atari Fit, this happens to be a gamified fitness app that intends to grace mobile devices some time early next […]

Google Fit App Updated
Google Fit, when it was first announced close to the end of June this year, intends to be your main source of health data. Hence, the Google Fit app should be on the receiving end of many tweaks and changes over time, and we are pleased to bring you word that there is the latest update of Google Fit that is now available on the Google Play Store. This latest […]

Sprint To Preinstall Uber's App On Their Android Smartphones
For those who hate having apps preinstalled on their phones when bought from carriers, you might not be pleased to learn that Sprint has recently announced that in the future, the company will be preinstalling Uber’s app on the home screens of most of their new Android devices. “We believe having access to safe, reliable and affordable transportation via your mobile phone is important. That’s why we are now offering […]

Google Hangouts Update Has A Plethora Of Goodies
An update has been announced for Google Hangouts, where this would bump up the version number to Hangouts 2.5.8. Just what kind of features does the latest version of the app come with? We are looking at the likes of smarter location sharing, a whole lot of stickers that ought to make your communication more expressive and fun, among others.

Surface Hub App Updated
Earlier this year in October, Microsoft did introduce a spanking new Surface Hub app on their Windows 8.1 operating system, where it was mentioned back then that the design of the app will hopefully be able to assist users to maximize the use of their Surface Pro 3 tablets. The app itself did not come with too many functionalities, however, where users were only able to play around with the […]

Microsoft App Lets You Purchase Digital Gift Cards
So, the crazy holiday shopping frenzy season is going to be upon us yet again, and this time around, you might want to be on the lookout for great deals so that you can stretch that hard earned dollar better. Microsoft could help you out in this particular department, having launched an app which would enable people to purchase digital gift cards directly from the Windows Phone Store, now how […]