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Is This Our First Look At The Apple Watch Series 5?
We know that the Apple Watch Series 5 is expected to arrive later this year, but could the first images of the upcoming smartwatch have leaked already? In a post that was shared on Slashleaks, it shows a photo of an Apple Watch bearing the model number A2157, which is apparently the designated model number for the Apple Watch Series 5.

Apple Watch Series 5 Could Come In Titanium And Ceramic Casings
The Apple Watch has typically been offered in either an aluminum or stainless steel finish. Apple had previously attempted to be fancy by offering gold or ceramic casings, but ultimately decided to discontinue them, or at least until now, where thanks to the latest watchOS 6 beta, there are signs that Apple could be planning the use of new materials for the Apple Watch Series 5.

Some Of Apple’s Products Will See A 10% Import Tax In September
If you were thinking about picking up an Apple Watch, AirPods, or the HomePod, you might want to do so quickly. This is because a new set of tariffs introduced by the Trump administration will be tacking on a 10% import tax on wearables and smart speakers, which covers the Apple products we mentioned above.

Apple Watch’s Fall Detection Saved The Life Of An Epileptic Woman
While most Apple Watch stories involve saving the life of the wearer by alerting them to heart problems, another feature of the watch is fall detection, where if it detects you’ve fallen, it will help call for emergency services if you do not respond in a timely manner. This is exactly what happened over in Australia.


$10,000 Apple Watch Edition Sales Reportedly Died Out After Just 2 Weeks
Remember when back in the day when Apple launched the Apple Watch for the first time, and they decided that they wanted to get into the luxury watch business by launching a $10,000 Apple Watch Edition made with 18-karat gold? It turns out that the watch was actually a huge flop in terms of sales.

Latest watchOS Update Fixes Walkie-Talkie Eavesdropping Bug
Earlier this month, Apple announced that they are aware of a vulnerability with the Walkie-Talkie feature of the Apple Watch in which when exploited, would allow others to eavesdrop on your conversations. The company then announced that they would be temporarily disabling the feature until they get a fix out.

2020 Apple Watch Could Feature A Micro LED Display
Apple could significantly shake things up for its product lineup next year. Not only is the company expected to introduce its first 5G iPhone in 2020, it’s now also believed to introduce Micro LED displays to the Apple Watch next year. Apple is reportedly close to signing a deal with two Taiwanese manufacturers who will supply the Micro LED displays for the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Series 4 Has Saved Another Life Yet Again
The Apple Watch is fast becoming a device that has saved many lives. This is thanks to its built-in features such as its heart rate monitor and ECG monitor that alerts the wearer to anything wrong with their heart rates, thus allowing them to seek medical help quickly before it is too late.

Cool Stand Makes Your Apple Watch Look Like A Classic iPod
The classic iPod is one of the most iconic products that Apple has ever made. The design will forever hold a place in history to signify just how well the entire product was executed by the company. If you ever feel nostalgic about it, perhaps you may want to purchase a cool little stand which makes your Apple Watch look like a classic iPod.

Apple Watch SOS Feature Helped Save A Man From Drowning
One of the features of the Apple Watch is its SOS feature in which users will be able to use it to call for help. It seems that this feature has managed to help save the life of a man who following a jet ski accident, could have potentially drowned had he not turned to the Apple Watch’s SOS feature.

Apple Watch’s Walkie Talkie Feature Disabled Due To Eavesdropping Flaw
One of the new features introduced in last year’s watchOS update came in the form of Walkie Talkie. As its name suggests, it allowed users to push-to-talk to talk to each other using their Apple Watch, kind of like how it was back in the day with those Dick Tracy comics and movies. However, it seems that the feature has since been disabled.

Nest Kills App Support For Apple Watch And Wear OS
Smartwatches are a pretty clever invention, especially since they allow us to do many things without having to reach for our phone. For example, we can send text messages, read notifications, get reminders, set alarms, and so on. There was even a point in time where we could control our smart home devices such as Nest.

Apple Has Started Selling Diabetes Monitors In Its Stores
If there is an area of health that we know Apple is interested in, it would be diabetes and glucose monitoring. This is because at the moment, measuring glucose levels involves drawing a bit of blood, which some might find uncomfortable doing. This is why we have heard rumors that Apple could be developing a non-invasive way of measuring glucose levels through products like the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Fall Detection Saves Elderly Woman’s Life After A Car Accident
One of the features of the Apple Watch Series 4 is that it comes with a feature called fall detection. This feature comes activated by default for users who are above a certain age, and the idea is pretty much as its name suggests – it detects when the person falls and if they don’t respond in time, it will then automatically call for help.