We have heard stories about how the Apple Watch has saved many a life thanks to features like its built-in heart rate monitor, but there are also other safety features that might not necessarily get covered too much, like its built-in SOS feature which recently helped a man call for help following a car crash.

According to the report from NBC24, a volunteer firefighter by the name of Hunter Sanner was involved in a car accident, where upon impact with another car, his airbags deployed and his phone was sent flying. Naturally being in an accident, Sanner was left dazed but still somehow managed to use his Apple Watch and use the SOS feature to call for help.

According to Sanner, it seems that help arrived in minutes along with his wife Laurel. This is thanks to the watch’s SOS feature that not only called 911, but also sent alerts to Sanner’s emergency contacts like his wife, giving them his exact location so they knew where to find him. It does not mention how serious the injuries were as a result of the accident, but Sanner is crediting his watch for helping him to call for help quickly.

He was quoted as saying, “A lot of people don’t know that that is an option, and it’s something very important that could save somebody’s life honestly.”

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