[DEMO Spring 2011] Webcam Social Shopper by Zugara is the second product launched at DEMO featuring a virtual fitting room using augmented reality, and this one won a DEMOgod Award. However, like many people I talked to at the conference, I think Swivel has a better rendering, offers more accessories choices and a better accuracy when it comes to fit a piece of clothing on the body. The added value of the Zugara’s web-based solution is its simplicity and the ability to share and ask for recommendations on Facebook, a feature that hopefully Swivel will offer in the near future.

The Zugara product has been around for some times, the company launched its markerless version at the show: before people had to hold a physical marker in front of them in order for the software to track their body position before they could try a virtual piece of clothing. According to the company, “76% of the people who shop more than once a month say advanced product viewing features make them more likely to purchase, and more brand loyal”

It is interesting to see this trend in e-commerce that is bringing additional virtual tools to consumers to help them make purchase decisions, although the augmented reality solutions we have seen are not accurate enough yet, but they might be in a few years: remember how bad was the 3D rendering for real-time games fifteen years back, and how realistic it has become (i.e. Metal Gear Solid or Call of Duty).

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