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COVID-19 Contact Tracing App Found To Have Shared Data With Foursquare And Google
One of the selling points of Apple and Google’s Exposure Notification API is the emphasis on privacy, where both companies will be using anonymized data and explicit user consent. As a result, some governments are choosing not to use the Exposure Notification API due to the various restrictions Apple and Google put in place.

Adobe Finally Brings Curves To Photoshop For The iPad
Adobe’s Photoshop is an incredibly powerful tool that has been used by many professional graphic designs and photographers over the past decade or so. One of the more powerful tools that the app offers is curves, which allows users to better tweak and adjust the colors of their image.

Bug In Edison Email App Allowed Users To View Other Users’ Emails
Third-party email apps are great as more often than not, they come with powerful features that default email apps do not. Unfortunately, in the case of the popular Edison email app, it seems that a recent update has resulted in a bug that has allowed the emails of other users show up in the inboxes of another user.

How To Post Longer Videos Onto Instagram Stories
Instagram’s Stories feature is a fun and quick way of sharing temporary videos, but the drawback is that its video length is limited, but this guide will show you how to post longer videos onto your Instagram Stories.


WHO To Develop COVID-19 Contact Tracing App For Countries That Aren’t Making Their Own
There are several countries around the world who are developing COVID-19 contacting tracing apps and services of their own. This is done to better help identify people who have the disease and to see who they might have come into contact with, which in turn better allows health officials to get a handle on the situation faster.

Office For The iPad To Get Trackpad Support Later This Year
Over the years, Apple has slowly been making inroads in transforming its iPad into a productivity powerhouse. Some of the recent changes include allowing users to use a mouse with a tablet, cursor support, and most recently, trackpad support with the launch of a new Magic Keyboard accessory.

Tinder To Launch In-App Video Chats Later This Year
The early days of social media were pretty much its glory days, where it was relatively new and people who joined it were pretty much who they said they were. These days, it’s not uncommon to receive spam messages from bot and fake accounts, and this is a problem that has similarly plagued the likes of dating apps like Tinder.

Twitter Is Looking To Test A Think-Before-You-Tweet Feature
Earlier this year, Twitter’s CEO pretty much shut down the idea of introducing an edit button to tweets. This is because Twitter doesn’t want to remove the spontaneity behind tweets, but it looks like the company is testing out something that will at the very least give users pause before they post their thoughts to the internet.

Microsoft Outlook For iOS Finally Lets Users Ignore Conversations
When sending emails to multiple users at once, it is more common than not that you’ll end up getting pinged by the same email the entire day as users hit “reply all”. This can be distracting and sometimes can derail your productivity, but the good news for iOS users is that you will now be able to ignore all that chatter.

Google Drive For iOS Now Supports Face ID And Touch ID
If you use Google Drive on your phone to access files on the go, then you might be pleased to learn that in the latest update to the app, Google has introduced support for biometric security for the app. This means that users will be able to use either Face ID or Touch ID to protect their files from being accessed.

You Can Soon Open Multiple Microsoft Word Documents On iPadOS
In the early days of the iPad, it was largely seen as a bigger version of the iPhone where for the most part, it had all the features and functionality of the iPhone except on a larger screen. However, in recent years, Apple has made various changes and improvements to the iPad that have slowly transformed it into a potential laptop replacement.

WhatsApp’s Forwarding Limit Seems To Be Working Wonders
During high-profile events, like elections and the current global pandemic, everyone is constantly seeking as much information as they can find and sharing it. Sometimes this information can be false or wrong, and given how fast messages can spread and go viral, this can be dangerous.

WhatsApp Expands Group Video Calling Participants To Eight
Last week, we reported that WhatsApp was planning on expanding the number of users per group video call. Previously, the limit of the number of users was set to four, but in the latest beta of the app, it was found that WhatsApp was planning to increase the limit to eight users at a time.

Telegram Will Soon Be Getting Group Video Calls
These days, video calling applications and features are becoming increasingly popular due to the coronavirus which has forced everyone to stay home. As such, people are turning to these types of services so that they can continue to stay in touch with loved ones, friends, classmates, and co-workers.