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Samsung’s Smartwatches Get A New Blood Pressure Monitoring App
Our smartwatches are getting better at what they do, where they can monitor more than just our daily activities like our steps taken, calories burnt, and so on. For example, the Apple Watch comes with an ECG monitoring tool that can alert the wearer if there are any issues with their hearts.

Billions Of Phones Might Miss Out On Apple And Google’s Contact Tracing Apps
Last week in what seemed like a rare collaboration between both companies, Apple and Google announced that they would be teaming up to create contact tracing tech that will be integrated into iOS and Android. This would allow authorities around the world to create contact tracing apps that would allow them to better track the coronavirus outbreak.

Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro Could Soon Be Coming To The iPad Pro
According to a recent tweet by Jon Prosser, it was suggested that Apple’s Xcode environment could soon be coming to iOS devices. This means that if true, it would allow developers to code directly on iOS devices like the iPad. In a follow-up tweet, Prosser not only reasserts his confidence in his original tweet, but reveals additional details as well.

Latest WhatsApp Beta Increases Group Video Call Participants To Eight
While video conferencing app Zoom started out as the darling of the coronavirus outbreak due to its relative ease of use and the ability to support as many as 100 participants at a time, it quickly soured due to the numerous privacy and security issues that were discovered shortly after.


Apple’s Bluetooth Restrictions Is Hindering France’s Contact Tracing App
One of the problems with developing for Apple devices is that the company has a walled garden approach to outsiders. This usually means a lot of restrictions that developers tend to face when trying to create apps for the iOS platform. Unfortunately for the French government, it seems that Apple’s restrictions surrounding Bluetooth is hindering their efforts at creating a contact tracing app.

Facebook Gaming Launched As A Standalone App For Smartphones
Facebook is definitely no stranger when it comes to gaming. Several years ago, the company launched the Facebook Gaming platform designed to take on the likes of Twitch and YouTube. However, the downside was that Facebook Gaming was pretty much limited to desktops, meaning that those on mobile would not be able to use it.

iOS 14 Could Finally Allow Developers To Code On Their iPhones Or iPads
The iPad has been positioned as a productivity device where users can create on them. However, these creations are typically things like creating art like drawing, editing photos, videos, and writing documents, but it seems that developers could soon have a reason to pick up the iPad for themselves in the future.

These Companies Are Developing A Smartphone-Based COVID-19 Test
One of the problems faced right now in the right against the COVID-19 virus outbreak is the lack of testing kits. This means that people who are sick might not necessarily be tested for the virus as they are typically reserved for those who display more critical signs. This in turn makes it harder to contain the virus as there are people who might be asymptomatic.

Facebook Debuts A New Messaging App For The Apple Watch
If you own a smartwatch, you know that it’s better for receiving messages than it is to send it. This is due to the small screen which makes it quite difficult and troublesome to type out messages, but this doesn’t mean that Facebook isn’t going to stop trying. The company has since debuted a new app designed for messaging on the Apple Watch.

This Is How Apple And Google’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing Will Work
Over the weekend, Apple and Google announced that they would be working together to develop contact tracing features into iOS and Android. Now in a new series of photos, they are showing how this feature will work, and how it will also require the user’s consent in order to better protect their privacy.

Google Is Banning Employees From Using Zoom On Their Work Laptops
In the past few months, Zoom has enjoyed an explosion in popularity. However, this popularity put the app under a very bright spotlight in which several privacy and security related issues were discovered. This has led to some organizations, such as school districts, to ban the use of the app.

Facebook Launches New Tuned App Designed Specifically For Couples
If you have a significant other that you like to share photos and messages with on Facebook but don’t want to spam the feed of your friends with mushy topics, you’re in luck because Facebook has since announced the launch of a new app called Tuned that has been designed specifically for couples in mind.

Schools In New York Are Banning Zoom Over Security Concerns
Zoom has been discovered to contain quite a bit of vulnerabilities regarding its security and privacy. More recently, it seems that the app has been found to be routing some of its calls made in North America through China, which has raised some concerns regarding the privacy of the app.

Woman Turned Herself Into A Potato During A Video Meeting, But Couldn’t Figure Out How To Turn It Off
These days, a lot of video conferencing apps come with fun filters. This is because such apps aren’t just used for work, but also for social purposes where friends and family members can use them to chat with each other. Unfortunately for Lizet Ocampo, the political director at People for the American Way, she did not know how to turn her filter off.