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The Ark Is A Piece Of Tech Artwork
Are you a staunch supporter in the saying that art imitates life? Regardless of your answer, only a handful of people would have described the artwork above as downright ugly, as I believe that a vast majority out there would find The Ark (as this piece of artwork is known as) to be stunningly beautiful – especially when the sun has set and night falls. Located in a botanical garden […]

Battlefield 4 Battlepack Print Plated In Gold Will Cost You $2,500
We know that there are times when in-game items can be worth a lot of money in real life, and we have seen instances where MMORPG accounts, such as World of Warcraft, have been sold for a few hundred dollars. However what you are paying for is something you can actually use, like a new weapon, a new armor set, and etc., but would you ever pay $2,500 for a […]

Real Life Instagram Project Takes Filters Onto The Streets Of London
Instagram is undoubtedly one of the more popular apps around these days, with its users using the app to snap photos, apply filters, adding hash tags, and sharing them on Facebook and Instagram’s own network. But what if Instagram were brought to real life? As in we could see the filters physically, as opposed to through the app itself? Well that’s what Brazilian artist Bruno Ribeiro has done, which is […]

Art X Smart Project Hilariously Inserts iPhones, iPads, And Mac Computers Into Famous Classic Paintings
Having used computers and smartphones for a while now, it’s hard to imagine how we got along in life without them. From reading books or magazines while waiting for a friend, we now play with our phones. Information is at our fingertips and an argument can be quickly settled simply by searching Google for an answer right there and then. But what if today’s technology made it into the past? […]


Artificial Ear Sculpture “Listens” To Grievances Of South Korean Citizens
Now here is a piece of artistic sculpture that will definitely do more than just sit pretty in view of the general public – the artificial ear sculpture by artist Yang Soo-in, who happens to be backed by an organization known as Lifethings. This particular sculpture has been shaped to resemble that of a large ear, and it can be found right outside the City Hall in Seoul. The whole […]

Spanish Museum Relies On Robot To Catch Cracks In Artwork
I spy with my little eye, a crack in a Renaissance masterpiece! Well, that particular “job” has fallen onto the shoulders of a robot now, at least at Madrid’s Reina Sofia museum in Spain. A huge robot will scan a painting of a masterpiece, where it will do so in an extremely slow process since it has to snap hundreds of microscopic shots via the use of infrared and ultraviolet […]

This Art Project Disappears With Every "Like"
You know how sometimes on Facebook you see posts shared by friends or family, asking you to “Like” a status or photo, after which a dollar will be donated to help a starving child or a war torn country? For the most part it’s nonsense and if you wanted to help, there are definitely better and more legitimate ways of doing so, but perhaps as a parody of the ever […]

Human Chair Could Be The Cutest Halloween Costume, Ever
The Human Chair is a funny expression of a costume.

Rain Room Art Installation Doesnt’ Get You Wet
We humans are extremely creative beings, and you know for sure that this is a fact throughout the ages, where there is always a certain segment of the population who prefer to express themselves through the arts, be they music, poetry, painting, songs, plays – the list is a long one. Thanks to the wonders of modern day technology, one can express him or herself through art in ways that […]

The Pirate Cinema Takes Top 100 Torrented Videos And Projects Them Onto A Wall As An Art Installation
While movie studios and record labels view torrents as a thorn in their side in their ongoing fight against piracy, Nicholas Maigret, co-creator of The Pirate Cinema thinks a little differently and has actually created an art installation in which he has turned torrents into art. Basically what he has done is together with a piece of software, comb through The Pirate Bay’s Top 100 video files, monitoring each and […]

Steamroller Gets A New Lease On Life As A Giant Music Box
The sound emanated from a steamroller can hardly be called music, and while an effort has been made to transform a steamroller into a giant music box, we guess it’s safe to say that it still does not sound very appealing idea. If you’re wondering what we’re on about, we’re talking about an art project by Dave Cole who essentially transformed a steamroller found on construction sites, into a gigantic […]

These Cameras Are Made From "Exotic" Materials In The Name Of Art
We’ve come across our fair share of cameras of different designs, but for the most part many seem to keep the traditional camera design and probably just feature different colors or materials. However it seems that photographers Nico Krebs and Taiyo Onorato are taking things to the extreme and as you can see in the image above, they are making cameras out of pretty unique and a little disturbing materials. […]

Pixuru Prints Your iPhone Photos Into Works Of Art
There’s no denying taking a picture on your cell phone has not only made the process of capturing an impromptu moment much easier, but also being able to share it online for the world to see has also been made as easy. But what if you fall in love with a particular photo you took and want to hang it up in your home to pay homage to your untapped […]

Apple iPads Used As Art Installation
Apple’s iPad can be used for a variety of purposes. Reading, browsing the web, watching videos, playing games and etc. However to use it as an educational tool as well as make it a piece of art? That would be interesting but it seems that the folks at nClosures have done just that. Cooked up by one of the firm’s designers, William Coburn, the idea here is to take the […]