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1 Laptop, 5 Paintings, 17 Hours
Most of the time, we would think that paintings would be works of art that are done with a canvas and a brush – and it is up to the artist to apply the kind of colors and brush strokes in order to end up with whatever he or she envisions at the end of it. Well, it looks like modern day technology has a role to play when it […]

This “Artist” Takes Your Instagram Photos And Sells Them For $90,000
Instagram is filled with photos taken by everyone around the world. Some of these photos are taken by professionals who use Instagram as their portfolio, hoping that it would land them photography gigs or maybe even requests for larger prints in exchange for money. Now it seems that a man by the name of Richard Prince is taking photos from Instagram and reselling them in real-life for money, without the […]

The iPhone’s Slo-Mo Feature Makes For Epic And Impressive Dance Videos
Watching a skilled dancer dance is impressive enough. The amount of concentration, practice, coordination, and sometimes improvisation that goes into creating a dance routine is something you should not snub your nose at, so imagine if you are able to slow it all down and watch dancers pull off some crazy moves in slow-motion, wouldn’t that be even more impressive?

New Printing Tech Lets The Blind Touch And Feel Priceless Paintings
We all know that when you go to a museum, you’re generally not supposed to touch the exhibits, especially when it’s a priceless artifact or a painting that’s hundreds of years old – it’s just common sense! However with that being the case, how would a blind person be able to appreciate the art the same way we do?Sure, you could always describe the painting to the other person, but […]


Artist Creates Drawings On Her Trackpad Using Just Her Nose
Most of us take for granted that we have working limbs that can type on keyboards, use the mouse, hold a pen, and so on. Unfortunately not everyone has that luxury, like designer Michelle Vandy who lost the use of her hands after developing repetitive stress injury in her arms. Now as a designer, losing the use of your hands is no doubt a huge setback, but apparently that did […]

Light Projection Technology Used To Create A Stunning Dance Routine
You know how sometimes in movies, especially animated movies, the characters dance and there are lights and effects swirling all around them? Well it’s pretty easy to do as it involves the use of CGI, but what if this was a live performance by real human actors/dancers? How would one go about adding those effects?Well French dance company Adrien M / Claire B have come up with a pretty awesome […]

Lenticular Paintings Change As You Walk Past Them
The world of art is an interesting one, where the boundaries in this particular area of humanity continues to be pushed and expanded all the time. Artist Rafaël Rozendaal happens to be one of them, where he is most famous for colorful, abstract website artworks. In his latest series of new images, Rozendaal has decided to come up with lenticular paintings that is sure to turn heads whenever they look […]

Lucid Stead Installation Looks Almost Invisible From Certain Angles
Camouflage is a useful way of remaining hidden behind the scenes, and to escape predators if you happen to not have any other kind of defensive mechanism. Well, blending into your surroundings is not exactly the easiest thing to do if you are a chameleon, but artist Phillip K. Smith III intends to do just that with his Lucid Stead piece, that was constructed near Joshua Tree in California.

Post On 4Chan Forums Auctioned Off On eBay For $90,000
There are some things in life that have been passed off as art that has left many scratching their heads in bewilderment, but then again the statement “art is subjective” sort of makes it “OK”. Well here’s something for you guys to consider – it seems that on eBay, someone was trying to sell a printout of a post from the 4Chan forums.The opening bid was set at $500 and […]

Artist Uses Desktop Scanner Underwater To Create Abstract Art
Scanners, at least flatbed scanners, are typically used to scan documents and photos, converting them into digital images that we can store on our computers. Sure, you could take the occasional object like a tablet, smartphone, or even a soft toy and scan it if you wanted, although sometimes the results aren’t exactly optimal.However it seems that one artist by the name of Nathaniel Stern has decided to take digital […]

Swedish Auction Uses Emotions To Place Bids
Auctions are pretty straightforward. You see an item you like, you place a bid for it either by raising your paddle or by shouting out your offer, which usually isn’t very discreet. However it seems that Swedish glass maker, Kosta Boda, has turned to a more hi-tech form of auctioning by allowing users to place their bid based on their emotions.Why emotions, you ask? Well according to the company, they […]

Japanese Dancers Use Drones In Their Choreography
With technology becoming part of our lives, it is no surprise that eventually it would begin creeping its way into art as well, and that’s what a dance troupe in Japan, Eleven Play, has done by choreographing a dance that includes the use of quadcopter drones. Yes, you read that right, drones now have use outside of war (and pizza deliveries) and can be used in a more artistic kind […]

Lash Is A Light Attachment Concept For Spray Cans
Graffiti art is usually associated with illegal activity since there are those who spray graffiti onto public places as a way to vandalize public/private property. However there are also many extremely talented graffiti artists who spray paint buildings, walls, signboards, and so on with amazing pieces of art.Sometimes the art is there for the sake of it, sometimes its there because it is politically motivated, sometimes its there to highlight […]

Soundwall Is A Painting That Can Play Music Wirelessly
When you come across a painting, sometimes it evokes certain feelings in you. Perhaps one of tranquility, one of anger, one of euphoria, and so on. In fact sometimes some paintings look like they might be nice if there were background music accompanying it. For example looking at any of Monet’s paintings and you were to hear some peaceful nature music playing.Well Soundwall is a project that is hoping to […]