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A Million Times Spells Words With 288 Clocks
The analog clock will never go out of vogue for sure, but to turn it into an art piece will definitely require a fair amount of creative juices as well as resourcefulness. Case in point, the A Million Times project is an art installation by Stockholm-based studio Humans since 1982. You can say that A Million Times was inspired by their previous work, the Clock Clock project that boasted of […]

Doom 320 x 240 Screenshot Remastered To 9,600 x 7,211 Photoshop Art
One of the most influential first-person shooters ever has to be id Software’s Doom. Since it’s release back on December 10, 1993, we’ve seen three official sequels with Doom 4 planned to be released on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 some time in the future.Over the years, Doom has received some nice improved visuals, but the original game’s classic graphics and art style have been left somewhat untouched […]

100 Google Nexus 7 tablets to be used in an art exhibit in Florida
Wanted to buy a Google Nexus 7 but for some reason it was sold out? Wondering where the stock went? Perhaps it ended up on the wall at the Art Basel in Miami, Florida as part of The Scope Art Fair. Okay maybe we were joking about the Nexus 7 being sold out, but it seems that a fair amount of Nexus 7 tablets have graced the wall of the […]

These deep-fried (fake) gadgets do not look tasty at all
We’ve seen various stress tests conducted on gadgets before, such as the iPad being frozen in a block of ice, both the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC One X used as hammers, but deep frying? That is admittedly a new one. Safe to say that any device deep fried should not still be working and well, that’s pretty much what an artist by the name of Henry Hargreaves set […]


UK artists create a visual Google search dictionary
It is safe to assume that we’ve all searched for images on Google before. Unless the image is particularly vague, chances are that results of the image search along with its thumbnails should appear on the first page of your search results. Sometimes the results might not be the most accurate and could yield some pretty hilarious (or distasteful) discoveries. Looking to transform those search results into a physical copy, […]

DeviantART online drawing app muro to feature Redraw
With 60 million unique visitors a month* and 20 million registered members, deviantART is the largest online art community that allows artists to exhibit and comment on artworks. In August 2010, during deviantART’s 10th birthday , the company launched muro, a HTML5 drawing application that now counts 2.5 million deviantART muro-related “deviations”During a conference call, co-founder and CEO Angelo Sotira, Lead Developer Mike Dewey and Art Director Forest Stearns, showed […]

Nick Gentry creates art from old floppy disks
We’re not sure how many of you guys actually still use floppy disks in the current day and age where external hard drives and thumb drives are readily available. Instead of throwing your old floppy disks out, how about turning them into works of art? This is exactly what artist Nick Gentry has done who basically uses old recycled floppy disks as his canvas, painting some pretty impressive works of […]

Artist carves skulls from obsolete computer manuals
So you’ve got a couple of really old computer manuals lying around for computers or applications that either no longer exist or are obsolete; what do you do with them? Well an artist by the name of Maskull Lasserre decided to put those old manuals to good use by creating art out of them, and as you can see in the photo above, he has managed to carve a skull […]

Moments In Time watches are artsy and thought provoking
We’ve seen some pretty unique and interesting watches in the past, but these series of Moments In Time watches by artist Dominic Wilcox might have taken the cake. As pictured above, this particular series of watches feature miniature sculptures that depict some outstanding moments in history, with some of the sculptures placed on the minute and second hands of the watch, creating a constantly moving scene that is oddly touching […]

Emilio Gomariz turns OS X animations into art
OS X users are probably familiar with the various animations that accompany their operating system, and while most of us never gave it much thought, one person did – Emilio Gomariz, who decided that there was art to be found in the various animations of OS X, ultimately creating a series of videos and image captures of his desktop which have since been turned into a digital canvas of sorts.

€1.4bn house is art attraction
If you are an oil oligarch or a magnate of some other business, then surely you would have not only one home, but plenty of pads all around the world, living out the jet-setting lifestyle while hanging out with other famous people as you float from one social engagement to another. As for your home itself, it would surely be worth in the hundreds of millions at the extremely extravagant […]

Wind Clock demonstrates the relative nature of time
Telling time has always been a pretty linear concept (unless you plan on getting philosophical), but if you were looking for a new perspective on time or simply want an abstract-looking gadget to decorate your home with, this Wind Clock by Kim Haagen might be a gadget worth checking out.

Microsoft Tag combines technology with art
Technology has been used to create art in so many different ways – it’s nothing new. But it’s always refreshing to see it being used in a brand new way that hasn’t been done before – and I think the Tag: We’re It digital art installation pulls it off successfully. This digital art installation that was recently shown off in Austin, Texas; made use of Microsoft Tag technology to add […]

Seismogram chart turned into art piece
You know how we tend to look for a silver lining behind each dark cloud? Well, that is exactly what got artist Luke Jerram’s creative juices flowing, where he actually converted a seismogram of the devastating earthquake that occurred in the Land of the Rising Sun earlier this year into a 3D printed sculpture. Yes sir, this particular seismogram that you see above in a three dimensional form factor actually […]