Samsung Smart TV art galleryTechnology usually means out with the old and in with the new. In this case, we have Smart TVs from Samsung replacing the artwork of famous artists in South Korea. In the first exhibition of its kind in the world, the Hangaram Art Museum at the Seoul Art Center will be hosting an exhibit called “Les Chefs-d’oeuvre du musée d’Orsay á Séoul”.

Showcasing the artworks of famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Jean F. Millet, and Claude Monet – visitors will get to see their beautiful artwork albeit with a twist: instead of getting the original paintings to look at, visitors will be treated to high res images on 46″ LED TVs that are mounted on the walls.

While it may not be the same as viewing the real thing, the quality of today’s TVs are good enough to look like the original paintings. And since you’re not allowed to touch the real paintings in the first place, the TV screen not having the same texture as the artwork shouldn’t be a problem. Let’s not forget, if robbers do break into the gallery and try to steal something, it’s going to be much cheaper to lose a few thousand dollar TV than the real painting. And when galleries want to change artwork for different artists, it won’t be much of a hassle – all they have to do is load up the different images on the screen. Do you think these sort of art galleries will catch on in the future?

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