Tesla’s suite of semi-autonomous features is called Autopilot while it’s not yet advanced enough to eliminate the need for a human behind the wheel at all times, it’s great at driving itself on the highways as it can even change lanes, and it’s also great at preventing accidents. Last year we shared a video of the Autopilot feature preventing a head-on collision and this time around we have a video of Autopilot saving a Tesla driver from a side collision.

You can see in this short video that the Tesla is keeping to its own lane on the interstate when a boom lift truck joins the road and continues to move right in order to get to the exit ramp, the driver clearly doesn’t know that there’s a car to his right and that there’s an impending collision.

You can also see in the video that as soon as the truck gets too close for comfort, the Tesla Model S automatically swerves to the right in order to prevent the collision and that works because it buys the Tesla driver enough time to slow down and let the truck pass through.

It was clearly a mistake on the truck driver’s part and had the two vehicles come together it could have been a very bad accident, but the Autopilot did just what it was supposed to, certainly leaving that Tesla owner very proud of his purchase.

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