Which would be the most paranoid group of people whom you know? Apart from secret agents who are trying to infiltrate into a particular organization or group, there are first time parents who would most of the time, fall hook, line and sinker when it comes to the kind of stuff that are being peddled for them to purchase. We are quite sure that Baby Monitors are nothing out of the ordinary for them, here is something that you might want to check out – the Smart Baby Monitor concept.

This device is called smart for very good reasons – it is able to detect whenever your child is not covered, and for those living in temperate countries, this would mean baby will end up with ice cold hands sometime in the middle of the night because his/her movement has caused the blanket to “travel” elsewhere, hence the creeping cold.

Since necessity is the mother of all invention, Ozan has come up with this unique idea simply known as the Smart Baby Monitor, where its software will work in conjunction with an IP Camera (such as Foscam). Currently moving on from the idea platform to a prototype model, it intends to alert parents and caregivers of when your little one is uncovered. Just bear in mind that this has nothing in association with the Withings Smart Baby Monitor.

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