New parents would no doubt want nothing but the very best for their newborn child, and if possible, purchase everything new right from the get go for them. Other than getting a new pram as well as new clothes, a baby monitor, too, would come in handy. After all, remote monitoring is all the rage these days, right? The Sproutling Baby Monitor will be worn around baby’s ankle, allowing it to keep track of important details such as baby’s heart rate, skin temperature and body movement.

Not only that, the Sproutling Baby Monitor will also boast of the relevant sensors in order to figure out the likes of the room’s temperature, humidity and light levels. The accumulated data will be sent over to a smartphone app, which in turn checks everything out before churning out basic notifications for the parent to take action, if necessary. This means the Sproutling Baby Monitor knows if baby’s heart rate is higher than normal, or if baby happens to have rolled over to her back to sleep, or if the room’s temperature is not ideal enough for a peaceful night’s rest.

It can be charged via a wireless charger, and those who are interested will be able to place a pre-order for $249 a pop, although at retail, it will cost another $50 on top of that. Do expect shipping of the Sproutling Baby Monitor to commence some time in early 2015 assuming the $50,000 sales goal is met.

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