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Tesla's Home Battery Gets Competition From Mercedes-Benz
When you put up Tesla against some of the most iconic car manufacturers on the planet, the Elon Musk outfit seems like the new kid on the block. Nevertheless, the company has worked hard for the advancement of electric vehicles and it has even got traditional manufacturers to follow suit. Tesla recently revealed its ambitious plans of offering home batteries and while it seems in a good position to do something like […]

Holographic Microbattery Is Uber Thin
We are so used to different kinds of batteries, ranging from AA to AAAs as well as the cell type batteries that watches and calculators used, not to mention our smartphone batteries that tend to be flat and rectangle in nature. Having said that, most of these are far from being paper thin, but the holographic microbattery that you see here is very different – since it measures a mere […]

Dyson Pumps In $15 Million Investment For A New Smartphone Battery
Dyson, the famous British vacuum company, has shared that they have invested a cool $15 million (£10.14 million) into a spanking new kind of smartphone battery that is touted to be able to last at least double the amount of time which standard batteries are able to last before requiring a trip to the nearest power outlet. This particular technology is said to be developed by the battery-tech start-up known […]

Samsung Animal Edition Battery Packs Announced
Samsung knows that in this day and age, as the modern road warrior, you would need to ensure that you have your fair share of chargers carried around – after all, you can never quite tell just when a day might require you to plow through your smartphone’s battery faster than usual? Well, enter the Samsung Animal Edition Battery Packs that will feature illustrations of a quartet of species of […]


Hyper Pearl Compact Mirror Sports Integrated USB Battery Pack
Mirror, mirror on the wall, which of my devices are in need of some power? The Hyper Pearl Compact Mirror would be able to answer this particular question without any kind of magic – although it does not do so verbally. The Pearl Compact Mirror happens to be the first compact mirror in the world that comes with an integrated USB battery pack, allowing it to juice up your ever […]

Ampy Wearable Battery Juices Itself Up Via Kinetic Energy
I suppose it is just a matter of time before someone would come up with the idea of actually riding the wearable technology wave, and to work on a battery that will be able to recharge itself – through the use of kinetic energy, of course. Hence, here we are with what they call “Ampy”, where Ampy happens to be a spare battery pack that will certainly come in handy […]

Fujitsu Ultra-Thin Lithium Batteries See Action In Credit Cards
[CEATEC 2014] The humble and ubiquitous credit card has seen some advancements in the past, having moved on from the magnetic strip to include a smart chip on it that makes the entire credit card more secure as well as convenient for both vendors and customers. Having said that, is there a next phase of evolution where credit cards are concerned? The answer would be “yes”, and Fujitsu thinks that […]

Panasonic Unveils Pin-Type Lithium Ion Battery
[CEATEC 2014] As life becomes more inundated with mobile devices, one particular issue still remains – that of battery life, or rather, the relatively limited amount of it. How many of us would wish our smartphones were able to last for days before requiring a trip to the nearest power outlet, just like how the Nokia handsets of yore did. Well, as devices become smaller and lighter, so too, will […]

Sound Could Juice Up Tired Batteries
Most of the time, when it comes to charging up depleted batteries, it would be a direct trip to the nearest power outlet, although some of us do carry these things that are known as a power bank. Scientist might have stumbled upon another manner where you are able to power up a tired device – through the power of sound. The brains from Nokia and the Queen Mary University […]

LG Chem Looks At 200-Mile EV Battery
Electric cars are nice to get up and around, but there is one major drawback even until today despite the leaps in technology that we have made – that is, the limited range because of the battery that runs the ride. LG Chem might have just the solution as they announced that they are on track to roll out an EV battery that will hold enough charge for your ride […]

uNu Electronics Delivers Ultrapak Batteries
When it comes to our mobile devices these days, we do make sure that our respective devices are fully charged the night before so that we will be able to meet the next day’s challenges head on without having to worry about running low on juice, especially when it comes to a particularly important phone call or email. uNu Electronics, a smartphone accessories manufacturer, has made a name for itself […]

Battery Made Out Of Sand Could Be The Future
Just about the entire slew of mobile devices these days happen to run on battery power of some sort, and rechargeables are always favored over disposables since there is less of a waste issue to tackle in the long run, not to mention it makes much more sense for regular road warriors. Researchers are looking into affordable and yet environmentally friendly methods to roll out sand-based lithium ion batteries which […]

iPhone Battery Life: Improve That Lifespan or Percentage Easily
The iPhone is undoubtedly an extremely powerful handset, but one of the main weaknesses of modern devices is the lack of battery life, and the iPhone is no exception.Apple itself has provided some useful tips and tricks on how to squeeze more battery life out of your iPhone, but we want to further expand on that and hopefully give you a better understanding of how you can keep your phone […]

Heat Generated From Batteries Could Be Converted Into Electricity
While batteries have more or less become one of the mainstay products that we use in our everyday devices, this does not mean that batteries have achieved the level of eco-friendliness that everyone wants or would love to have. Batteries do generate electricity, but a fair amount of the heat that is generated by the process of electricity creation goes unused, and hence, wasted. Perhaps this might change in the […]