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DICE To Launch Community Test Environment For Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 For Console Finally Gets Squad Join Feature
Battlefield 4 Rubber Banding Issues Fixed, According To DICE
Battlefield 4 "Death Shield" Bug Discovered
Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Will See General Release On 15 April
DICE Promises To Fix Battlefield 4's Rubber-Banding Issue
Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC For Xbox One And PC Delayed
Battlefield 4 "Rent A Server" Will Be Coming To PS4 Soon
Battlefield 4: Second Assault Could Launch For PC 18th Feb
EA Promises To Learn From Battlefield 4 Mistakes
EA Releases Stability Patch For Battlefield 4
EA Faces Another Potential Lawsuit Over Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 Banned In China Over Latest DLC
No Free Battlefield 4: China Rising DLC For Those Upgrading To Next-Gen From Current Gen
Second Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against EA Over Battlefield 4
DICE Asking PS4 Gamers To Help Diagnose Battlefield 4 Crashes
Battlefield 4 Update For Xbox One Will Be Delayed
EA Faces Potential Lawsuit Over Battlefield 4
EA Stocks Dip After Announcing Halt On Battlefield 4 DLCs
EA To Halt Future Battlefield 4 DLCs Until The Game Is Fixed