battlefield4According to the rumors, Battlefield 4 was a rushed out game by EA and DICE in a bid to beat Activision’s Call of Duty: Ghosts to the punch. The result was a fairly buggy game that led to EA’s SVP to announce that they could have done a better job. However it seems that it might be too little too late, as law firm Holzer Holzer & Fistel have announced that they will launch an investigation against EA over Battlefield 4, or to be more specific, to see if EA has “complied with federal securities laws” when the company was making statements during the course of development, and after the launch of the game itself.

The statement made by the law firm seems to, or at least wants to, represent the interests of the shareholders of EA, who might have suffered losses due to EA’s stock prices taking a dip due to the problems plaguing the game. It wasn’t too long ago that EA announced that they would be putting a halt to future Battlefield 4 DLCs until they resolved all the problems with the game at the moment, and while this is a good move by the company, it did not sit well with investors as stock prices of EA saw a drop of 7.3% following the announcement. At the moment this does not appear to be a lawsuit yet, but it could be one.

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