Sonic 4 Episode 1 now on the BlackBerry PlayBook
Earlier this year RIM announced that the BlackBerry PlayBook would be receiving more games in the future, and one of the promised games was Sonic 4. Well, it looks like the day has finally arrived as SEGA announced on its blog over the weekend that Sonic 4 Episode 1 has arrived on the PlayBook. Sonic 4 Episode 1 marks the blue hedgehog’s first appearance on the RIM tablet. So for […]

RIM confirms 16GB Blackberry Playbook discontinuation
Just yesterday we reported that thanks to a leaked email, it would appear as thought RIM would be discontinuing the 16GB version of the Blackberry Playbook tablet. At that time while the email did appear to be valid, it was not officially confirmed and now thanks to a statement that RIM issued to the folks at Engadget, the discontinuation is indeed for real. According to RIM:

16GB Blackberry Playbook appears to have been discontinued
If you were hoping to get your hands on the 16GB version of the Blackberry Playbook, you might be out of luck. According to an email sent from RIM to a consumer, it seems that the company will be discontinuing the 16GB Blackberry Playbook model. This means that if you wanted to get the Playbook, you will have to go for the more expensive 32GB and 64GB versions. Some have […]

Blackberry Playbook with LTE gains FCC approval
We know that RIM has announced that the Blackberry Playbook tablet will be getting an upgrade in the form of an LTE version, but just when exactly will we be able to see the device hit the shelves? While a specific date of release has yet to be confirmed, the device was recently spotted at the FCC and has reportedly gained FCC approval for its release into the consumer market. […]


4G LTE capable Blackberry Playbook has reportedly been confirmed
A while back RIM announced that they would eventually release a 4G version of the Blackberry Playbook. Unfortunately the details of the device have remain unknown and there was no release date in sight, at least until recently when images of what appeared to be a 4G enabled Playbook made its rounds on the internet. Now thanks to the folks over at the Canadian Reviewer, it seems that the 4G […]

More games will be headed onto the Blackberry Playbook
So the Blackberry Playbook recently got their hands on some pretty interesting games such as Angry Birds Space and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Will those games be enough to entice users to purchase the Playbook or to convince existing users to keep using it? While that remains to be seen, RIM’s Anders Jeppsson has revealed today via his Twitter account that there are plenty of games that […]

Blackberry Playbook to get “something wonderful” in App World later today
The Blackberry Playbook featured some pretty decent hardware when it first launched back in 2011, but unfortunately interest for the device did not seem to pick up and the tablet has since been relegated to a sales item where retailers are offering it on the cheap. That’s not to say that RIM has completely given up on the Playbook. In fact there have been several leaks (here and here) that […]

Playbook OS update documentation hints at upcoming 4G Playbook device?
Yes, we know that RIM eventually plans to offer a 4G Playbook tablet. In fact, a while back images of an alleged 4G capable Playbook were leaked online and now it looks like more evidence is starting to point towards that being a possibility in the near future. In the latest Playbook OS update, heading over to the help section will reveal instructions on how to insert a micro SIM […]

Angry Birds Space appears briefly for the Blackberry Playbook before getting pulled
Back when Angry Birds space was announced a few weeks ago, both iOS and Android users rejoiced. Unfortunately the same could not be said for Windows Phone users. Like adding salt to injury, it would appear that Rovio passed on an Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone, and instead developed a version for the Blackberry Playbook instead. This was discovered by the folks over at CrackBerry and supposedly is pretty […]

Dolphin Browser now on the BlackBerry PlayBook
BlackBerry PlayBook users who have been waiting patiently for the Dolphin Browser to arrive on their tablet should be ecstatic that the day has finally arrived. Dolphin announced today that the browser which was only on iOS and Android previously is now available on the BlackBerry PlayBook. The browser arrives at version 7.2 which means users get to use the Webzine features as well as custom Gesture-enabled browsing on the […]

Blackberry PlayBook receives official keyboard accessory
Blackberry PlayBook owners if you’re looking to get a bit more productivity out of your tablet, you’ll be pleased to hear that the PlayBook is set to receive an official Bluetooth keyboard accessory from The Source, an online electronics retailer. Sure there are plenty of Bluetooth keyboard accessories available in the market, but this will be the only keyboard that has been released by none other than RIM themselves.

BlackBerry PlayBook used to control robotic car
Yesterday we reported about a BlackBerry smartphone being used to control games on a PlayBook, and today some video footage of a BlackBerry PlayBook being used as a remote control for a robotic car has surfaced.  Not much is known about the project except that the PlayBook controls the car over the same WiFi network provided by a BlackBerry Bold 9900. In addition to controlling the vehicle with the tablet, […]

BlackBerry smartphone used as PlayBook gamepad
If you thought that BlackBerry devices were all work and no play, think again. You know how you can use your BlackBerry phone as a remote control for presentations on your BlackBerry PlayBook? Well, a RIM engineer decided to take it one step further by writing an app that turns the smartphone into a gamepad for the tablet. It wasn’t mentioned if the app will ever make it to the […]

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 available today
After last week’s confirmation about the BlackBerry PlayBook update arriving on the 21st, it looks like RIM has kept its promise. RIM has just announced that the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 update will be released for download today. The update will bring a whole bunch of features that PlayBook users have been pining for: integrated email client with unified inbox, social integration with calendar and contacts apps, updated BlackBerry Bridge, […]