So you’re an heir to a multi-billion dollar business empire, and was born with a silver spoon – nay, make that a gold spoon hanging from your mouth, spilling gold-plated baby food all over your gold-threaded bib. Isn’t it only natural that the Midas Touch follows you when it comes to gaming hardware as well? That’s where ASTRO Gaming is leading you to, with the Gold Edition range of gaming peripherals that were created using nothing less than solid 22K gold. Among the peripherals in the range include the A40 headset, an Xbox 360 controller, a MixAmp 5.8 Rx wireless receiver and the Urban Lanyard, all coming in solid gold, no less. As for the Gold Edition A40 headset, it will be accompaneid by gold cables and connectors, whereas the modified Gold Edition Xbox 360 controller boasts diamond-tipped buttons and gold wiring. ASTRO Gaming has slapped a $1,000 price point for the Gold Edition if you are curious to know how much of a damage your bank account has to take.

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