This is the stuff that Pharaohs dream about – a ride covered in gold. Sure he had gold chariots in the past, but they certainly aren’t spear- or arrow-proof (to keep things in context). The grenade-proof Rolls Royce Phantom that you see above is not only a luxury ride that offers protection against some of the more commonly used weapons in countries where the general populace have easy access to firearms, the outside as well as inside is also covered with 120kg of gold. The total asking price for such a blinged out Rolls Royce? We are looking at over £5 million here. Just how tough is this Phantom? Well, it is said to be able to withstand 570 rounds from an AK-47 assault rifle, in addition to a couple of grenades.

The car itself costs “just” £330,000, but a super rich anonymous Middle Eastern businessman decided to rope in Liverpool-based designer Stuart Hughes to spruce up the outside and inside with extravagance, in addition to other customizations to make it bullet and grenade-proof. I guess when you live in the Middle East and can afford such a ride, surely the issue about fuel prices is the last thing to cross your mind.

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