BooktrackIf you enjoy reading books but you’re looking for a more immersive experience without resorting to watching a movie or listening to audio book, Booktrack might have the solution for you. The company has just launched its new technology today with the release of a new novel by Pittacus Lore called The Power of Six. Trying to strike a balance between more immersive and lively entertainment with the experience of reading, Booktrack represents a first in the publishing and music industries and a new genre of entertainment: soundtrack for books.

Not as intrusive as an audio book and not as distracting as a video, Booktrack aims to enhance the reading experience by synchronizing music and sound within an eBook. What’s impressive about the technology is its ability to automatically recognize an individual’s reading speed and to pace the soundtrack with the corresponding text.

The aim of Booktrack is to get users to feel more immersed with what they are reading i.e. having a sad song playing when a user is reading a gloomy chapter can greatly enhance how he/she feels at that point in the story. Upbeat music for action/happy chapters could work as well. Of course, the timing and synchronization of the music and text is really important, so it’ll be interesting to see how Booktrack pulls it off.

More books will be arriving with Booktrack features later this year, but in the meantime if you’d like to check out the first Booktrack, The Power of Six, head over to the Apple App Store. Only iOS devices are supported at the moment, but Booktrack will be arriving on Android and other platforms as well. Find out more.

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