Robot maker Boston Dynamics was acquired by Google a couple of years ago. It belongs to Alphabet now, the new parent company that emerged after Google restructured its affairs, and if a new report is to be believed then Alphabet might be selling one of its most popular acquisitions. According to the report, the company is considering selling off robot maker Boston Dynamics.

This would mark a significant retreat from robotics for Google. Bloomberg reports that the company is shopping around Boston Dynamics with Toyota and Amazon being mentioned as possible suitors.

Boston Dynamics has made robots which are capable of walking, jumping, running and even maintaining their balance when kicked by humans. Videos of their robots in action have almost always gone viral because it’s just so fascinating.

The report says that Alphabet executives are looking to reduce the company’s substantial portfolio of ambitious research and development projects. Apparently they can’t find an easy commercial path for the products that Boston Dynamics has in its portfolio and that might be a big reason why it’s open to selling the company.

Just because Alphabet is willing to give it up doesn’t mean there aren’t any companies that are looking to substantially invest in robotics. Amazon paid $775 million to acquire robot solutions developer Kiva Systems back in 2012 while Toyota has an interest in this field as well since it needs robots for manufacturing millions of vehicles every year.

There’s no comment on this report from Google or Boston Dynamics for that matter. We’ll update when an official response is provided.

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