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Braille Printer Built From Lego
The human mind is a truly wonderful and imaginative one, and here we are with another instance. Braille embossers, or rather, machines which will be able to print out written words into tactile text, happen to be an extremely useful device for the visually impaired, although they are not cheap as they tend to retail from $2,000 onward, and will tip the scales at a minimum of 20 pounds. 13-year-old […]

Blind folks missing out on tablet action?
I don’t know which route I would choose if I could be blind or deaf – making me appreciate all my 5 senses so much more when I think about it. For those who were born blind or became blind during the course of a lifetime, life presents itself with another set of challenges, but none are insurmountable. While tablets have been doing pretty well in the market so far, […]

Safety Dot helps the blind get around
When you’ve lost your sense of sight, the world around you can get very frightening all of a sudden. After all, having navigated your way through the use of your eyes for most of your life, to have to rely on a walking stick and your memory can be a daunting task, especially during the initial adjustment period. Why not make life easier for the blind to get around places, […]

Contact Series makes dining for the visually impaired easier
When it comes to the less abled in our society, some change is needed to make sure that everyone has the same level of accessibility, or at least, be on par as much as possible. For the visually impaired, there is always good ol’ Braille to help them read as well as “see” signs, while audible cues are used at places such as busy intersections and traffic lights. Well, the […]


Haptica Braille watch helps the blind tell the time
Blind people have had a hard time telling the time with the current generation of watches available to them – an analog watches that requires users to feel bumps all around the watch in order to tell the time, which is time consuming and inaccurate or a digital watch that reads out the time with the press of a button – accurate and fast, but useless on a noisy street, […]

Thimble concept finger glove
The concept device pictured on the finger above is dubbed the Thimble. It features an embedded optical scanner that is capable of translating written text into Braille messages that scroll through the fingertip. The Thimble is also location aware and can connect to the Internet via a Bluetooth connection to your phone to deliver news or confirm your current location, all via Braille messages transmitted through the fingertip. Sounds like […]

Voim Concept Braille Smartphone
Technology for the visually impaired seems to be increasingly popular recently and now designers out there have come up with the Voim (apparently “seeing” in Korean). This concept smartphone communicates with the user via Braille on a silicon screen and audio cues via a detachable Bluetooth headset. The phone features route navigation, word recognition and object identification, features that would be welcome on any phone. Now all they have to […]

Haptic Braille Reader Concept
The Haptic Braille is a concept device that would be incredibly useful for folks with a visual disability. The device is capable of scanning ordinary text and converting it into Braille on the surface of this mouse-like device. If this device were to be made a reality, it would make it much easier for folks with a visual disability to read most of what sighted people can. Being small and […]

Concept: Braille Buddy Helps You Learn Braille
Learning Braille is not an easy task, and designer Yasaman Sheri has come up with the Braille Buddy concept that aims to make the job easier. The device is a 2-phase education device aimed at the visually impaired, helping them out with the more difficult stages of learning Braille – the reading and writing. The device consists of a Braille Cell and a Braille Keyboard, which can be used to […]

Concept: OOSH Braille Watch For The Visually Impaired
It’s not always easy to tell the time for folks who are visually impaired, but if the OOSH concept watch ever becomes a reality, things will get much easier. The OOSH is really a Braille watch that allows the user to tell the time by touching the face of the watch, so the lack of sight won’t become an issue. If for some reason the user is unable to read […]

be-B Braille Education Ball
One of the best ways to master any language would be to do plenty of reading in it as well as make conversation with native speakers, but what happens when you’re talking about the Braille system? Well, there might just be an easier method for those who are interested with the be-B Braille Education Ball that enables both blind and sighted users to learn the Braille system using a challenging […]

MIT Students Create Braille Labelmaker
Here’s a device that will be really handy to people who are blind. Thanks to the geniuses at the University of Toronto, MIT and Stanford, the 6Dot Braille Label Maker was created, and is promised to cost less than half of the conventional Braille label makers. With just 6 keys, one for each of the dots of a Braille character, users will be able to enter up to 16 characters […]

Universal Phone caters to sighted and blind
We’ve seen phones that catered to the blind in the past (mostly concepts) while the majority of handsets out there are meant for the sighted, so how does this Universal Phone differ? Well, it is more than capable of handling both blind and sighted folks, thanks to thousands of micro pins that are dynamically raised and lowered to form a tactile surface so that the blind can always read incoming […]