lego-brailleThe human mind is a truly wonderful and imaginative one, and here we are with another instance. Braille embossers, or rather, machines which will be able to print out written words into tactile text, happen to be an extremely useful device for the visually impaired, although they are not cheap as they tend to retail from $2,000 onward, and will tip the scales at a minimum of 20 pounds. 13-year-old entrepreneur Shubham Banerjee, an eighth-grader intends to bring new light to the situation with a Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit as his basis to create a hardware and software package that is known as the Braigo – which is a $350 desktop device that tips the scales at just a few pounds, and yet is capable of doing more or less the same thing that the expensive Braille embossers do

Banerjee shared, “My end goal would probably be having most of the blind people…using my Braille printer.”

Banerjee’s creation has not gone unnoticed, where Intel has already picked up the idea and invested an unknown amount in the project last November. This has augmented the initial $35,000 capital from Banerjee’s father, who is an engineer at Intel, to kickstart this venture. Pretty cool tooling around with Lego, is it not?

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