[Sport Science & Technology Fair] Brain Athelete from B-Bridge from HIC Network on Vimeo.

Hmmm, we did think that the whole “brain game” craze has died down after Brain Age on the Nintendo DS first made its debut a few years ago, but not at the Tokyo Big Sight even that was held the Sport Science & Technology fair in Japan. B-Bridge, a US-based company that was founded by a Japanese businessman, Hiro Masumoto, brought forward “Brain Athlete” to the masses. This unique device is not a game, but instead will work to help people how to better concentrate and meditate so that they are able to increase their sports skills and performances even when under pressure. After all, pressure cooker situations more or less separates a champion from the vanquished. The Brain Athlete is actually a sun visor that comes with a couple of sensors, an earpiece and a Bluetooth transmitter. Your brain waves will be transmitted over to a computer, where it will draw out a graph of your mental state in order for you to know how to better relax and focus. This sounds as though it is worth developing further for other uses such as those in school or training for a job instead of just sports situations. Out in Japan first, we await with bated breath as to whether this will be out in the US after that or not. Enjoy the video above where Hiro Masumoto himself explains how the Brain Athlete functions.

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