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More Retro Video Games Now Playable In Browser
Fancy taking a walk down memory lane? If you have answered in the affirmative, then chances are you would have fond memories of classics such as Ms Pac-Man, Metal Gear, The Lion King, Mega Man, bone crunching punches and uppercuts in Street Fighter 2, the Nazi-busting Wolfenstein 3D, heart stopping moments in Prince of Persia, the Sega version of Aladdin and the likes of The Oregon Trail.

Windows Users No Longer Face Different Browser Choices
It seems that if you happen to be an avid Windows user on your desktop or notebook, and happen to live in Europe, you no longer be offered a choice of different browsers. It seems that the Windows Browser Ballot has been put to bed at last, and just in case you are wondering what the heck is the Windows Browser Ballot all about, it is a delayed punishment for […]

Frameless For iOS Looks Sleek
When it comes to the different kinds of web browsers that are available in the market, there are various choices to pick from in which you are able to be comfortable with your choice. While Safari does have its fair share of fans, it does not maximize the amount of viewing real estate that you have on your spanking new iPhone 6 Plus or iPad. In other words, there is […]

Opera 26 Lets You Share And Migrate Bookmarks
Opera of Norway has just released Opera FINAL 26 for Windows, Mac and Linux, and in this particular version of the browser, it would come with the ability to share bookmarks with others – not to mention function like a bird, as in being able to migrate your entire collection of bookmarks across from other browsers, now how about that? This is certainly a decent incentive to move over from […]


Google Dishes Out More Cash For Chrome Browser Bug Reports
They say that everyone has a price, and in a free market, you know that money definitely talks. Throw enough dough in the right direction, and you are more or less sure that there will be someone out there who is willing to get the job done. Google, for instance, is rich in terms of stocks and assets, that it would not be too much of a hassle for the […]

Opera Browsers See 100 Million Active Android Users
When you talk about a web browser on the Android platform, most of the time we would be looking at the stock browser that arrives with any version of Android, while many others have already decided to jump aboard the Chrome Browser bandwagon. Well, we do know for sure now that out of the 19,000 different Android devices (as in types, not the total figure – for instance, there might […]

Microsoft To Support Latest Internet Explorer Versions In 2016
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer might still be dominating the worldwide browser market share at 58.38%, but it is a dominance that is slowly but surely shrinking. Having said that, it got to such a position in the first place because it happens to ship with every single Windows-powered computer, and this would also mean that many individuals and businesses would be running on an outdated version of Internet Explorer – simply […]

Junaio Augmented Reality Browser Revealed
Metaio has just revealed the latest version of the Junaio Augmented Reality Browser, where it will bring along with it new design, real-time POI visualization and browser interoperability. I suppose you would be able to have full confidence in the product, considering how Metaio is a leading authority in augmented reality software (AR) and solutions. The Junaio AR browser for Android and iOS devices will be available as a free […]

SurroundWeb 3D Browser Concept From Microsoft Research
Microsoft Research continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with SurroundWeb, where it can be best described to be a 3D browser concept which is capable of projecting Web pages onto your walls. Right now, SurroundWeb remains as a prototype, but the very idea of using your room’s walls as part of the browser makes for an interesting read. The thing is, some of us do decorate our […]

Dolphin Browser For Android Redesigned
The Dolphin browser for Android has just received a new update.

Chrome Makes Itself More Useful At The Office
It goes without saying that any decent modern day office would come with at least one computer, whether it is for administrative purposes or simply as a productivity tool. Having said that, what kind of browser do you run in your enterprise environment? Assuming you have heard so much about Chrome from Google and have been raring to give it a chance, how about now, considering how additional improvements for […]

Opera Unveils New "Ice" Mobile Web Browser
If you think that the mobile browser wars are done, Opera revealed a new browser today that might just change the phase of the game. Opera revealed the browser that it has been working on to fellow tech site Pocket-lint. The new browser is called Opera Ice, and the company said that it will be dumping the Presto platform in exchange for the WebKit layout engine software, which is also […]

Opera 12.10 beta for desktop launched by Opera
Opera has launched the beta of its browser’s version 12.10. Opera 12.10 has been launched for all the major platforms, including Windows, Linux and Mac. While it packs a number of new features for the common users, the company tells us that the highlight of the browser is a far more developer-friendly API than the earlier versions of the browser.The new browser furnishes three chief APIs, namely context menu API, […]

Google Chrome is still the world's most used browser, research says
StatCounter, the web traffic analysis tool, has been busy with its research in finding out who’s currently leading the browser market. You can probably remember in May when we said that the tool revealed Google Chrome overtaking Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in the most used browser category. Well, it looks like StatCounter’s latest results from the period of July 2011 to July 2012 hasn’t changed much.According to StatCounter, Chrome is still […]