Canon Rumored To Be Testing 75+MP EOS-1 Body

While megapixels don’t make a photograph, they do help when it comes to printing out photos especially on big banners where a blown up photo might not look as good. However megapixels are definitely marketing material and according to the folks at Photography Bay, they claim that one of their good sources has told them that Canon is currently testing a 75+MP EOS-1 DSLR camera body. Of course whether this […]

Canon Teases Announcement For 31st July

Photographers out there, if Canon is your go-to brand, you might be interested to learn that Canon could have something to share come 31st of July 2013. This is according to a new video posted on Canon’s YouTube page (video is embedded above) where it basically says, “Your audience is waiting for you – 07/31/2013”. This is posted under Canon Germany meaning that the announcement will most likely take place […]

Additional Canon EOS 7D MK II Rumors Surface

When Canon announced the EOS 7D camera, we’re sure that there were many photographers out there who were thrilled by its announcement. Based on its specifications and price, it seemed like a happy middle between Canon’s mid-ranged cameras such as the EOS 60D, and Canon’s more higher-end professional cameras like the EOS 5D MK II. So if you were wondering what’s in store for Canon’s EOS 7D, we guess it’s […]

Next Canon EOS M Upgrade Rumored To Be Incremental Only

We have heard rumors that Canon could be looking to release a new EOS M camera, with the latest rumors suggesting it could a full-frame camera. However according the folks at Northlight-Images, if you were hoping for a full-frame compact from Canon, or perhaps one with a more substantial upgrade, you might only be able to look forward to it from September onwards. It seems that Canon will only be […]


Canon EOS M Discontinued At Several Retailers

Canon was pretty late to the mirrorless camera market although with the introduction of their EOS M camera, let’s just say that its arrival was not as heralded as well as Canon had hoped. Word on the street has it that Canon could be looking to change things up a bit with new EOS M products, and it looks like that time could be nearing. According to several big name […]

Canon EOS 70D Sample Movie Released

A sample movie captured with the Canon EOS 70D shows the video-quality that can be produced with this DSLR camera.

Canon EOS 70D Announced

The Canon EOS 70D has just been announced.

Is Canon Working On Full-Frame Compact Camera? [Rumor]

Word on the street has it that Canon is primed to make a “big” announcement soon, with our previous report hinting at an EOS 3D, and recently the possibility of an EOS 70D has been raised as well. However is that all there is to Canon’s “big” announcement? A fresh set of rumors has suggested that Canon could be working on a full-frame compact camera which could be part of […]

Canon EOS 70D Announcement Rumored For 2nd July

It was rumored the other day that Canon was preparing for a “big” announcement, although the exact details of that announcement still remains a mystery. However according to recent rumors, it has been speculated that perhaps during the announcement, Canon could also unveil a new camera, a possible successor to the EOS 60D in the form of the EOS 70D. While the specs of the camera remain unofficial at this […]

Canon Rumored To Make “Big Announcement” In The Coming Months

If you’re looking forward to the next big DSLR camera from Canon, it is possible that the camera manufacturer could be looking to announce a new product in the upcoming months. According to the folks at northlight-images, they are claiming that Canon has been inviting people from dealers to attend a “big” product launch which is expected to happen within the 6-8 week timeframe. Given the emphasis on “big”, we […]

Canon EOS 70D Rumored For July Launch

Canon’s EOS 50D and 60D while being pretty decent cameras, are set at mid-ranged level, leaving devices like the EOS 5D and its generations for the higher-end market. If you think that you only need a mid-ranged camera for now and you want something a little newer, rumor has it that Canon is getting the EOS 70D prepared for a launch, with some speculating that the camera could even be […]

New Canon EOS M Rumored For Summer Launch

Canon was late to the mirrorless game with their EOS M lineup of cameras, but it looks like the company might have another EOS M model in works which could be unveiled in time for summer. According to the folks at Canon Rumors, they claim to have been tipped off that a new EOS M and a couple of new lenses could be announced sometime in the summer. We’re not […]

Canon EOS 7D MK II Might Only Be Announced In 2014 [Rumor]

We reported last year that the Canon EOS 7D MK II could be announced in February of 2013, although given that we’re already in May, it’s safe to say that the camera has yet to be officially revealed. However according to a rumor from the folks at Canon Rumors, they claim to have been tipped off by one of their sources that it seems that the EOS 7D MK II […]

April 2013 Canon 5D Mark III Firmware Update Released

The Canon 5D Mark III went on sale in the U.S. back in March, 2012. Later that year in October, Canon detailed what software improvements it will be rolling out in April 2013. On the very last day of April, Canon has fulfilled its promise and has released a new firmware update for the high-end DSLR. The update will definitely welcomed by those who use their Canon 5D Mark III […]