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OnStar Hack Allows Remote Car Starts, GM Developing Fix
As modern vehicles become connected they also become vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Only recently it was demonstrated how hackers can remotely gain access to a Jeep and run it into a ditch even while being miles away from the car. Hacker Samy Kamkar has discovered a vulnerability in OnStar which can allow hackers to remote unlock and start the car.

Lykan HyperSport Becomes Part Of The Police Fleet In Abu Dhabi
The Abu Dhabi Police has no shortage of exotic super cars in its fleet but the latest addition is miles ahead of what it already has, both in terms of price and performance. Lykan HyperSport is now a part of the Abu Dhabi Police fleet, it’s a limited production car by W Motors, a Lebanese company. If you can’t quite remember where you’ve seen this car, it featured in the […]

Vinli Turns (Almost) Any Old Car Into A Connected Hub
Unless you have the money to splash out on a new car every 18 months, chances are, the tech in your trunk is a pile of junk.Such is the speed of the tech industry, even if you’ve just splurged on a brand new, shiny automobile, in a year’s time, the tech inside will be woefully out of date. And while waiting in line once a year for a new phone […]

Quant's Flow Cell Car Gets Ready For Real-World Testing
Earlier this year, a German company by the name of Quant took the wraps off a car powered by the company’s nanoFLOWCELL technology. If advancements in vehicular technology is of interest to you, you might be pleased to learn that the vehicle is expected to make its debut on the road as it has been approved for real-world testing by the TUV, Germany’s road safety monitoring agency.Now safe to say […]


Cruise May Change How We Drive In The Future
There is a lot of work being done right now in the automobile industry. Some of the biggest companies are now devoting time and resources to self-driving cars. The technology and platforms we use everyday are also looking to expand into our vehicles, bringing them into our exceedingly digital life as well. As it stands, self-driving technology is still far off. Conventional cruise control can hardly be put in the same basket. There […]

UK Highway Code To Be Amended For Driverless Cars
Self-driving cars are the future. Many major auto manufacturers are already working on their autonomous cars while you also have companies like Google trying to make it in this space. Even though the technology has considerably advanced over the past couple of years in most countries laws have yet to be amended to allow driver-less cars on the road. Folks across the pond are now amending the UK driving code so that […]

Cobra Drive HD Series Dash Cams
[CES 2014] They say that money is unable to buy you happiness. Well, it can buy you a lot of things, but the kind of inner joy that comes from those things last but for a moment, so that saying is pretty much true. However, money can buy you a certain degree of peace, and case in point, the Cobra Drive HD Series dash cams that have just been announced […]

Conan O'Brien Uses Lyft App To Take Kevin Hart, Ice Cube Around Town
Conan O’Brien is no stranger to technology as we’ve seen him review several video games and has even given us insight as to what people are probably using their iPads for. Recently, Conan decided to use a service that seems to be gaining in popularity and that’s using apps to have complete strangers give you a ride for a fee.

Elio Motors' Three-Wheeled Vehicle Only Costs $6,800 And Is Street Legal
The economy hasn’t been doing so great lately, which means you’ll probably want to keep an eye on your spending habits for the next couple of months. One luxury you may not be able to afford is purchasing a new vehicle, although you might be able to afford this one, that is, if you have no plans to transport other people or large amounts of cargo.

Nissan Autonomous Drive: Hands-On!
While in CEATEC/Japan, we took the opportunity to get a ride at small demo track inside the Makuhari convention center in Tokyo. The goal was to look at how the automated Nissan car would react to different road situations. Recently, the Japanese government has considered approving tests on the Japanese roads, so it is pretty exciting to see what these vehicles had evolved since last year. Nissan’s goal is to […]

This Car Is Completely Covered In Leather And Will Cost You $1.2 Million
There’s nothing finer than flipping through your leather wallet while you’re sitting on your leather couch, wearing your favorite leather pants as you sweat uncontrollably from wearing a leather fedora on a 90-degree day. The feel of leather is one we’re sure many people could appreciate, but we’re not entirely sure if we’re such a big fan of leather where we would completely cover our vehicle in it.The vehicle was […]

EU Might Limit All Motor Vehicles To 70mph Top Speed (Updated)
Cars and technology go hand in hand, that is without a doubt. In fact, Google themselves have been working on a self-driving car for quite some time now (and are still refining it), and other vehicle manufacturers too, have been “pumping” new technologies into their rides over the years at an unprecedented rate. There is a report by The Telegraph that claims that the European Union might want to force […]

Hitachi Ropits Self-Driving Vehicle
Hitachi has revealed a tiny single-seat vehicle called Ropits; that’s Robot for Personal Intelligent Transport System. Ropit is a robot vehicle that can pick up and drop off passengers independently. Just punch in the destination and it will take you there. The vehicle is meant to travel on sidewalks and Hitachi had demonstrated its capability in the city of Tsukuba today. There will be more tests to come.

Automatic Driving Assistant Provides Money-Saving Tips Based On Driving Behavior has just launched an accessory called the Automatic Link which connects to your car’s on-board computer, via an industry-standard connector. From there, the Automatic Link sends information over Bluetooth 4.0 (which uses less power than previous versions) to a smartphone via an app. At the moment, only iOS is supported, but Automatic has planned an Android version “in the fall”.Automatic Driving Assistant uses real-world data from the car’s on-board […]

Volvo Introducing High Beams That Shade Light To Other Vehicles
Driving in the middle of the night can already pose enough of a challenge to navigate through as a number of people aren’t even supposed to be driving due to the limited visibility. Driving while a car as large as a yacht behind you with its high beams on can make it even more challenging, but a new car feature will be introduced at next week’s Geneva Motor Show that […]

In-City GPS Tracking Accuracy Improved By Up To 90%
Everyone who has driven with a GPS in a big city knows that there are spotty places where the GPS signal reception is difficult because the device loses line of sight, or because buildings are reflecting and bouncing  the GPS signal around. The end result is a dramatic loss of accuracy which can mean the missing a critical turn. Scientists from Spain have devised a way to improve the positioning […]

Harman BMW Premium Infotainment System Unveiled
[CES 2013] I guess it would make plenty of sense when you shack up two premium brands together – after all, to have something like a pristine Ferrari parked in a junkyard does not make much sense, so we are not too surprised to see Bavarian automaker BMW team up with Harman, the premium global audio and infotainment group. Harman will deliver what they call as the “core” of the […]

The new Ford Fusion will parallel park for you
There are few things more embarrassing than really screwing up a parallel parking job on a busy city block. Rearview cameras in some cars have made it easier, but for the most part, parallel parking technique hasn’t changed in decades. It still requires a human touch, even as Google’s proven that human drivers aren’t necessarily better than computerized drivers.  The 2013 Ford Fusion promises to change that: it collects data through sensors […]

Apple discussed about building a car
While the current Applevs. Samsung trial is about phones and tablets, Phil Schiller who is Apple’s VP of Marketing has testified that Apple had discussed building a car at some point. This got out of the trial via a Tweet from Nick Bilton (New York Times)– “Phil Schiller on stand said before making the iPhone, there was discussion of Apple making a camera or a car – ‘crazy stuff.’”While there […]

In-Car WiFi for Audi A4 and A5 2013 models
If you’ve been shopping for an Audi A4 or A5, here’s one more (geeky) reason to be interested: both 2013 models will come with in-car WiFi, which is connected to a 3G modem, which will work on the T-Mobile network. Yes, your car will now have its own SIM card (and wireless bill of $30 or so). This WiFi setup will be able to connect up to 8 devices to […]