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OnePlus Two Will 'Surprise People'
OnePlus emerged on the scene in December 2013 and within a few months launched its first smartphone known as OnePlus One. It was hard to purchase one because the company was trying different ways of managing inventory and only allowed invite-holders to purchase one. Towards the end of last year we saw the company open up its order process considerably. Now that time is ripe for a second generation smartphone […]

Protocol Zero Game Targets Samsung Gear VR Innovation Edition
[CES 2015] DeNA happens to be a global leader in developing and publishing mobile games, and they have just launched Protocol Zero, which is an innovative stealth-shooter that will cater for the Samsung Gear VR Innovation Edition which in turn, happens to be powered by Oculus technology. This is the very first immersive first person action game which has been released for Gear VR, and Protocol Zero would see players […]

Hyper Pearl Compact Mirror Sports Integrated USB Battery Pack
Mirror, mirror on the wall, which of my devices are in need of some power? The Hyper Pearl Compact Mirror would be able to answer this particular question without any kind of magic – although it does not do so verbally. The Pearl Compact Mirror happens to be the first compact mirror in the world that comes with an integrated USB battery pack, allowing it to juice up your ever […]

HyperDrive For MacBook Paves The Way For Storage Expansion
[CES 2015] I would like to think that despite all of the advances that we have made in terms of storage space in the digital world, one can never have enough – despite it being said once that “640k should be enough for everybody”, although the context back then was different. Having said that, Hyper has just announced their HyperDrive for MacBook, which is one of the easiest and most […]


Urbanite XL Wireless Headphones From Sennheiser
[CES 2015] It seems that there is no particular end to the number of headphones and earphones which roll out with each passing edition of CES, and this year, the status quo remains. Sennheiser is a name that many are familiar with where audio peripherals are concerned, and this time around, they have revealed an update to their Urbanite headphones – coming in the form of the Urbanite XL wireless […]

Antelope’s Rubicon Is World’s First Atomic AD/DA Converter
[CES 2015] There is a price to pay for everything in life, and some things are more expensive than the rest simply because it comes with a higher quality. Having said that, Rubicon is touted to be the first Atomic AD/DA converter in the world, where it has been specially refined to include the latest groundbreaking technology from Antelope Audio. Each Rubicon unit will be hand assembled, and of course, […]

Fujifilm XF16-55mm F/2.8 Weather Resistant Lens
Photographers have to work in all sorts of conditions, whether it be rain or shine, sometimes work is work. However if you’re an outdoors photographer than chances are features like weather sealing are probably important to you, but not only does your camera have to be weather sealed, your lens too. If you’re in the market for a weather resistant lens, you might be interested to learn that Fujifilm has recently […]

Terra Motors’ A2000 E-Scooter To Help In Intra-City Commute
[CES 2015] Terra Motors of Japan is no stranger when it comes to manufacturing scooters which are meant to help folks get around the city in an eco-friendly manner, and this time around, they have unveiled the A2000 e-scooter that will succeed its predecessor, the A4000i, in a bid to further expand the e-scooter market around the world. Of course, it has not been too long since the A4000i was […]

Zorloo Z:ero Digital Earphones Sport Digital-To-Analog Converter
[CES 2015] At this point in time, audio within a standard mobile device will be processed internally before it is outputted to a standard 3.5mm port, albeit in analog format. Zorloo’s Z:ero will ditch such a conventional route, and will instead make use of the micro USB port to output pure digital audio thanks to a miniaturized Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) and high powered amp which has been specially integrated into […]

Guess Connect Smartwatch Can Be Updated To Remain Fresh
[CES 2015] Where smartwatches are concerned, you can be sure that this is a fast growing market that shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, if I am not mistaken, smartwatches are going to experience a really explosive time of growth, and it is helped with various vendors, including the likes of fashion label Guess, to come up with the Guess Connect. Guess has worked alongside Martian Watches, a […]

ORA-X Headphones With Heads-Up Display Takes On Smart Glasses
[CES 2015] Are smart glasses considered geeky? To a certain extent we have to say that Google Glass actually looks pretty cool and futuristic, but we guess to others they might consider it to be a rather geeky thing to wear on one’s face. In fact Optinvent seems to think so as well and has asked customers to forget such devices, and instead focus on the company’s smart headphones.The company […]

LG And Audi Appear To Have Collaborated On A Smartwatch
We know that LG has a couple of smartwatches available at the moment, like the LG G Watch and the LG G Watch R, but what many did not realize is that LG and Audi have recently collaborated on another smartwatch. This was first discovered during Audi’s press conference at CES 2015 where the car maker announced several new partnerships with tech companies such as LG, Samsung, and NVIDIA.While that […]

BLU Products Studio G Is Affordable At $89
[CES 2015] There are plenty of budget smartphones out there for customers to choose from. However if you’d rather not spend over $100 for your next smartphone, then BLU Products has the phone for you. The company has recently announced the launch of the Studio G Android smartphone that will be priced at $89.So with a price tag of $89, what can you expect from it? Well for starters users […]

BLU Products Studio X & Studio X Plus Handsets Launched
[CES 2015] BLU Products has been known to release devices that come with decent specs at affordable prices, and in case the recently announced Life One and Life One XL still aren’t cheap enough for you, you might be interested to learn that BLU Products has also announced the Studio X and the Studio X Plus.These devices will follow in the footsteps of the Life One and Life One XL […]