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BLU Products Life One, Life One XL Smartphones Announced
[CES 2015] If you’re looking for a sleek Android smartphone with relatively decent hardware specs that also won’t be breaking the bank, BLU Products has recently announced their new Life One series of Android smartphones in the form of the Life One and the Life One XL. Both devices are pretty much identical in terms of hardware, save for their display sizes which are different.The Life One will feature a […]

BLU Products Studio Energy Packs A 5,000mAh Battery
[CES 2015] BLU Products has recently announced a slew of new smartphones for CES 2015. Previously we had reported on the incredibly thin Vivo Air, but if thinness isn’t your priority and you’re more interested in battery life, you might be interested to learn that BLU Products has announced the Studio Energy.This is a smartphone that prioritizes battery life and for those who would prefer their phones last them more […]

BLU Products Vivo Air Is Incredibly Thin At 5.1mm
[CES 2015] There are plenty of smartphone OEMs out there in the market today, but if those mainstream brands don’t appeal to you, you might be interested in checking out BLU Products, a US-based company that has been steadily churning out affordable and relatively decent smartphones for a while now.The company has recently announced a handful of new smartphones for CES 2015 which follows on the heels of their previous […]

DEVIALET Phantom Review: Hands-On
In December, ultra-high-end brand DEVIALET decided to announce Phantom, a very powerful, yet ultra-compact speaker that brings ultra-premium quality sound at a price that consumers can reach. Roughly speaking, we are talking about sound quality that would take a $15,000 system to produce, but priced at around $2390 (3000W Phantom Silver, there’s also a $1990 750W Phantom). It’s certainly not cheap, but the added-value is quite amazing since the alternative if […]


IDrive Wi-Fi Delivers Cloud Backup And Local Connectivity In A Single Device
[CES 2015] The advent of highly affordable and yet fast Internet connectivity on mobile devices have also helped push the idea of the cloud forward, and here we are with the IDrive Wi-Fi. What does the IDrive Wi-Fi deliver, despite having it look like a portable hard drive? This is basically a new storage device which will offer the functionality of cloud backup alongside the added convenience of local connectivity, […]

XFAB Offers Prosumer Level 3D Printing Option
[CES 2015] 3D printing is a growing industry that is moving out of its niche and into mainstream consciousness, and Digital Wax Systems (or DWS in short) happens to be a leading manufacturer of 3D printers for industrial, dental and biomedical, and jewelry industries, has decided to introduce their XFAB 3D printer. The XFAB has been touted to be the first affordable, high-end 3D printer, which will be made available […]

Comcast: Gigabit Internet Arriving In 2015
[CES 2015] I would like to think that there is no way that someone would turn down the opportunity to enjoy a faster Internet connection. When that happens, surely one ought to probe deeper as to why that happened. Comcast will definitely carve smiles on the faces of many with their latest announcement that the company will begin to offer home customers gigabit internet speeds – in 2015, yo!

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook (2015) Sheds Even More Weight
[CES 2015] What is it with the race to have the thinnest device around? Surely at some point or the other, unless an engineering miracle is achieved, a laptop can only get so thin – before the structural integrity does not hold up to the scrutiny of everyday wear and tear. Having said that, Dell pushes more boundaries with their latest Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook which will be thinner – […]

ZBoard 2 Electric Skateboard Is Now Lighter And Faster
Back in 2012 the ZBoard was just a Kickstarter project. It was started by two college students who were seeking funds online to manufacture the electric skateboard. Things have picked up since then. Lots of units have already been shipped across the country already but this isn’t the end of the ZBoard story. The company has announced a new model, ZBoard 2, which they claim to be lighter and faster […]

Schlage Advanced Lock System Offers Peace Of Mind
[CES 2015] I know that peace of mind can be something which is extremely difficult to obtain in this day and age, simply because there are so many uncertainties running around. As a man’s home is his castle, so too, would one need to make sure that said home remains secure – and Schlage intends to help out in this aspect by introducing the Schlage Sense system. Specially designed to […]

Toyota Opens 5,600 Fuel-Cell Patents For Auto Industry's Future
 The auto industry may be slowly coming to grips with the idea that they need to be more open for the future of this industry. Tesla, which is a relatively new car company that only makes electric vehicles, opened up its patents last year and said that it would not initiate patent lawsuits against anyone who “in good faith” uses its technology. Now Toyota, the Japanese behemoth, is doing something […]

Volkswagen Showcases Golf R Touch Concept Car
[CES 2015] Volkswagen sees a future where vehicles are not only more intelligent, they also happen to be more connected. One of Europe’s most successful car brands think that a car that is connected is one which will be able to operate intuitively, having been networked in a systematic manner so that it can react intelligently while offering a significantly greater level of convenience. Hence, Volkswagen has taken to the […]

Lenovo Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash Brightens Up Your Selfies
We have all come to accept that selfies are a thing now. When you venture outside its not too hard to spot someone taking a selfie with something or someone that they find interesting or amusing. Many companies have created accessories that help people take better selfies, like the infamous selfie stick, and today Lenovo has something similar to show off. It has unveiled a new accessory called the Lenovo […]

BeoPlay H8 on-ear headphones from B&O PLAY
Bang & Olufsen is introducing the BeoPlay H8 on-ear headphones, a product from its B&O PLAY brand. Users can control to the new headphones with an intuitive touch interface on the aluminum clad ear cup. By tapping and swiping, you can answer calls, control the volume, select a track or activate the noise cancellation.