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SenseHUD Is The Ultimate Portable Head-up Display
[CES 2015] Heads Up Displays (HUDs) happen to be technology that is worth exploring, as it comes in handy to display even more information than before, for instance, in a vehicle where the dashboard itself does not have enough space to show other important information while you coast down the freeway. Well, is there such a thing as an “ultimate portable heads up display”? I suppose the folks behind SenseHUD […]

Next Generation Fuhu Nabi 3 Tablet Revealed
[CES 2015] There is always something special about the passing of a baton, and the same can be said of Fuhu with their next generation of nabi 3 tablet, which will continue from where the nabi 2 (as seen above) left off. The model in question would be the Elev8, and if you were to read the word and the number in quick succession without a pause in between, it […]

Fuhu Nabi Big Tab Range Offers A Huge Android Experience
[CES 2015] You don’t say – Fuhu certainly wants their nabi Big Tab range of Android-powered devices to live up to their respective names. After all, these would arrive in form factors that are in the domain of TVs, and not tablets as the name suggests, featuring 32″, 43″, 55″ and 65″ sizes. The reason behind this? They have been specially designed in order to be true centerpieces of the […]

LG Shows Off Active Bending Display, Curved At Both Edges
Back in 2014 Samsung announced the Galaxy Note Edge. This is a handset from Samsung that features a curved display at the edge of the device. The curved display acted as a secondary screen in which additional menu options and controls were displayed. It is an interesting idea, although Samsung’s release of the device was more of a test run.Given Samsung’s rivalry with their South Korean brethren LG, we guess […]


Saygus V2 Smartphone Comes With A Whopping 320GB Of Storage
[CES 2015] Thinking about picking up a new phone? Well you’ve got a ton of brands to choose from, such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony, and so on. You even have smaller brands like BLU Products if you’re looking for something affordable, but what about Saygus? That’s probably a name you’ve never heard before, but the company is hoping you will start paying attention to them with their latest […]

The GO Is A Smartphone-Powered Head Mounted Display
[CES 2015] You can say that head mounted displays are still a relative rarity these days – but momentum in this niche market will pick up for sure. Immersion-VRelia, Inc., a name that ought to be familiar among those who wheel and deal in Virtual Reality (VR) hardware and software circles, has decided to deliver a slew of VR offerings at CES this year which they hope will change the […]

PlayStation Vue Release Slated For First Quarter Of 2015
Internet TV is destined to be the next big thing, so it seems, many companies are investing heavily into developing these services in a bid to capture the market that has stepped away from traditional pay-TV services. Just yesterday Dish announced Sling TV its very own internet TV service that will cost $20 per month and give access to networks like CNN, TBS, ESPN and more. We know about the Sony […]

Wacom Cintiq 27QHD And Cintiq 27QHD Tablets Looks Good, Works Better
[CES 2015] There is nothing quite like having a potent combination of form and function, and Wacom intends to capture the essence of both with the Wacom Cintiq 27QHD and Cintiq 27QHD tablets which will hopefully be able to meet the increasing demands of creative professionals. Regardless of which model you decide on, they will come with the very best in pen-on-screen performance, sporting a generous, edge-to-edge glass work surface, […]

Skysense Charging Pad Delivers Automatic Drone Charging
[CES 2015] When it comes to the flight times of drones, they do not really perform all that well – averaging 10 to 25 minutes at best, which is more often than not way too short if it were to be called upon to perform a survey of a vast area – perhaps acres of farmland, or to deliver goods a few miles out. Chances are the drone operator would […]

Hubsan X4 Pro Drone Can Parachute To Safety
[CES 2015] Drones, drones everywhere! When you think about it, drones are a marvel of engineering – not only do they need to be lightweight enough to get around on a relatively small (and hopefully quiet) motor which is more often than not powered by a battery of some sort, it will also have to be rigid enough so that it does not get blown away by the slightest gust […]

AscTec Trinity Auto Pilot System Implements Collision Avoidance In Drones
[CES 2015] When it comes to technology involving drones, you know for sure that many different parts of the device will have to work in perfect harmony in order to offer a unique and uninterrupted flying experience. However, as technology progresses, we would expect drones to get “smarter” too, so to speak. Hence, we are not surprised to hear that drones of the future could come with collision avoidance technology […]

E-Ink Could See Action As “Wall Paint” In The Future
[CES 2015] When it comes to e-ink displays, this technology has been touted to be fantastic in their own right as they require very little juice to function – which means the ability to last for days – and perhaps even weeks, on a single battery charge, and again, depending on the capacity of the battery. However, most of the time, e-ink displays have operated in the world of black […]

BlackBerry Classic And Redesigned BlackBerry Passport Coming To AT&T
BlackBerry is on the ground at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 showcasing its Internet of Things platform. The company also announced that BBM is coming to smartwatches. It also made public availability information of its two latest smartphones on AT&T. The carrier will offer both the BlackBerry Classic and an exclusive redesigned version of the BlackBerry Passport to its customers.

BBM Comes To Android Wear
One of the first things that happened at BlackBerry after restructuring at the very top was BBM being considered as a completely separate entity. Since then cross-platform messaging service has grown considerably and has been quick to add new features. BlackBerry didn’t show off any new hardware at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in Las Vegas but the team, including CEO John Chen, is on the ground and making waves. […]