Google Assistant is Google’s digital assistant software that can typically be found on its Android smartphones, although in the past few years, we’ve seen it expanded to smart speakers. It even made its way to Chromebook devices made by Google, such as the Pixelbook and Pixel Slate, and the good news is that Google has expanded on its availability.

Google has announced the availability of the latest version of Chrome OS where it has been updated to version 77. In the latest update of Chrome OS, Google has expanded on the availability of Google Assistant to more Chromebook devices. According to Google, “You can set up Google Assistant on most Chromebooks. Say “Hey Google” or click the Assistant logo from the Launcher to ask a question, set a reminder, play music, control smart home devices, and more.”

Note that the company says “most Chromebooks”, suggesting that maybe not all Chromebooks might be eligible to take advantage of it. In addition to Google Assistant, the update will introduce features such as Virtual Desks, which basically creates a separate virtual desktop to help users separate their apps and windows.

There are also new media notifications where users will be able to better manage their media and audio controls all from one place. The update should already be available and will be pushed out slowly across Chromebooks over the coming days.

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