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4K Chromebook Codenamed 'Atlas' Possibly On The Horizon
It has long been expected that Chromebooks will receive even better specifications down the line and that’s expected to happen possibly later this year. Some new references have been discovered in the code of this operating system which suggests that there’s a 4K Chromebook being developed with the codename “Atlas.” It was only a matter of time before Chromebooks got such high-resolution displays and it may very well happen this […]

Lenovo Ruggedized Chromebooks Deliver Affordable Touch and Pen
At Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Lenovo has announced that a trio of Chromebooks (100e, 300e, and 500e) previously sold only through education channels would be available to the general public.

Google Assistant Being Prepared For Other Chromebooks
You can’t use Google Assistant on a Chromebook unless you spend a lot of money on Google’s Pixelbook. The company launched this premium Chromebook last year and aside from the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, it was one of the few devices with native Google Assistant integration. It appears that the company is now preparing Assistant for Chromebooks other than the Pixelbook.

Samsung's New Chromebook Could Offer Native Video Recording
Chromebooks are powered by Google’s cloud-based Chrome OS and they’ve been very well received particularly in the education sector. These machines are lightweight, nimble and not to mention cheap compared to conventional PCs. Despite all that they’ve got going for them, Chromebooks have never offered a native video recording feature because Google never built one into Chrome OS. That might change with the new Chromebook that Samsung has reportedly been […]


Microsoft Office Android Apps Are Working On Chromebooks Now
Microsoft’s Office suite of productivity applications has been available for Android since the past couple of years. However, even though Chromebooks have the ability to run Android apps, these apps weren’t made compatible with Chromebooks for some reason. Chromebook users certainly didn’t like this as it prevented them from getting work done on their device using Microsoft’s apps. It appears that Microsoft has had a change of heart now.

Samsung Detachable Chromebook Reportedly Being Developed
Samsung unveiled its Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus earlier this year and it’s about time that we started hearing reports about a new one from the company. With the new year just around the corner, it may not be long before Samsung comes out with another Chromebook. If a new report is to be believed, the company is actually working on a detachable Chromebook.

Google Assistant For Chromebooks Might Be Almost Ready
Google has gradually been rolling out its artificial intelligence-powered Google Assistant to more platforms but it’s yet to bring the digital assistant to Chromebooks. That might change soon. We’ve been hearing rumors that Assistant might land on Chromebooks in the near future. More evidence has surfaced to suggest that Assistant for Chromebooks may be almost ready.New references have been discovered in the Google Home app which suggests that some Assistant […]

HP Chromebook x360 Now Available To The Public
Chromebooks are a hit in the education sector so it’s not surprising to see that Google works with hardware manufacturers on Chromebooks for students. It announced HP’s Chromebook x360 11 G1 Education Edition earlier this year in March. It wasn’t available for everyone back then but it is now. HP has released the Chromebook x360 to the public.

Acer Chromebook 15 Gets A New Aluminum Design
#IFA2017 – Acer has launched a new Chromebook 15 at IFA 2017 in Berlin today. The Chromebook gets a new aluminum design coupled with a large display and long battery life. Acer says that this combination makes the notebook a good option for entertainment use.

Leaked Chromebook Keyboard Layout Confirms Dedicated Assistant Button
Multiple reports have suggested that Google will soon bring its AI-powered Assistant to Chromebooks. The company has also started the process of sunsetting its “Ok, Google” feature in favor or Assistant. Reports have also suggested that new Chromebooks will have a dedicated Assistant key. The newly leaked Chromebook keyboard layout confirms this possibility.

Text Notifications May Be Coming To Chromebooks Soon
Google appears to be cooking up some new features for Chrome OS, the cloud-based operating system that powers Chromebooks. According to a new report, Google will soon bring text notifications to Chromebooks. This will provide users with access to their text messages on their notebooks.

Google Assistant On Chromebook May Arrive Soon
Google Assistant is the search giant’s very own artificial intelligence-powered assistant. It’s already available on Android smartphones and smart home devices like Google Home. One can imagine that it’s only a matter of time before it lands on Chromebooks as well. If recent developments are any indication, it may not be long before Google Assistant becomes available on Chromebooks.

Lenovo, HP, And Acer Chromebooks Get Android App Support
Google confirmed a couple of months back that it was working on bringing full support for Android apps to Chromebooks. Not every Chromebook will get this feature, though. There are more than 80 models that are eventually going to be able to run Android apps. Google has now rolled out Android app support to new Chromebooks from Lenovo, HP, and Acer.

Google Hasn't Ruled Out Pixel Laptops Entirely
Rick Osterloh, the senior vice president for hardware at Google, said earlier this week during a meeting with journalists at the Mobile World Congress 2017 that his company had “no plans for Google-branded laptops.” This led many to believe that the company would no longer be making any Pixel-branded laptops. However, Osterloh has now followed up his earlier comments with what’s basically a hint that the company hasn’t ruled out […]