For a moment it almost felt like Disney’s bid for Fox was almost a done-deal, but recently we have been hearing that Comcast wants in on the action and has actually made a bid of $65 billion for the company. This is versus the $52 billion that Disney had initially offered, meaning that Comcast is willing to pay $13 billion more.

However given the potential of the various franchises under Fox’s banner, plus the return of some of the Marvel characters to Disney, we suppose it’s not surprising that Disney isn’t taking this lying down. In a report from CNBC, Disney is said to be ready to make an increased bid for Fox.

Fox is expected to hold a shareholders meeting this Wednesday to discuss the deal, and if they feel that Comcast’s deal is superior (presumably in other ways not just monetary), Disney will have five days to match (or outbid) Comcast’s $65 billion offer. It is unclear as to who will emerge victorious, so we’ll have to wait and see.

This is actually not the first time that Comcast has expressed interest in Fox. The company had actually made a bid last year but it was rejected due to antitrust concerns. However with the AT&T and Time Warner deal having been approved, it is possible that this deal could go through as well.

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