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ZEISS ZX1 Customers Won’t Need An Adobe Subscription
Last month ZEISS, probably best known for their lenses, announced their first full-frame camera in the form of the ZX1. One of the unique points of the camera is how it will come with Adobe Lightroom CC integrated into the camera itself, meaning that photographers can snap photos and edit them all within the camera.

Sony DSC-HX99, DSC-HX95 Compact Travel Cameras Announced
#IFA 18 – Compact cameras used to be seen as cheap and more portable alternatives to DSLRs back in the day, at least before mirrorless cameras acted as a happy middle between portability and performance. However thanks to technology, several companies are pushing the boundaries on what we can expect from a compact camera.

Sony Might Not Have Any Major Camera Announcements At IFA 2018
Nikon has announced its latest mirrorless efforts with the Z6 and Z7. Canon is also expected to answer in kind next month, but what about Sony? Unfortunately if you were hoping that IFA 2018 would be a good place for Sony to announce something new and major in the camera department, you might be disappointed to learn that they won’t.

Panasonic Lumix LX100 II Digital Camera Announced
Mirrorless cameras often represent a happy middle between a DSLR and a compact camera, where users want the portability of a compact with the performance of a DSLR. However if you’d rather not deal with interchangeable lenses and what not, not to worry as Panasonic might have a solution for you.


Canon PowerShot SX740 HS Digital Camera Announced
With our smartphones are more than capable of taking great photos, you would think that the compact camera category would be long dead by now. However there are various advantages to taking photos and videos with compacts, namely that in some instances they are better than smartphones, they offer features that our phones don’t, and also they won’t drain your phone’s battery.

Fujifilm XF10 Compact Digital Camera Announced
When it comes to compact cameras from Fujifilm, the company is probably best known for the Fujifilm X100 series of cameras, in which there have been four iterations to date. However for a compact, it is priced at a premium which some might argue is worth the money, but regardless its premium pricing does put it out of reach for certain customers.

Leica C-Lux Is A Long-Zoom Compact Camera
There are plenty of compact cameras available in the market today, many of which offer users long-zoom lenses for those that like to get up close and personal. However if you have the cash to splash and wouldn’t mind getting a new digital compact camera, Leica might have something for you with the Leica C-Lux.

Sony RX100 VI With 24-200mm Lens Announced
If there is a main selling point of compact cameras, it would be exactly that, it’s compactness and the ability to slip it into a purse or pocket. However usually this also means having to compromise on things like image quality because there are only so many parts that can fit into a compact body.

Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III Rumored For Mid-October
When it comes to compact cameras, Canon’s PowerShot G-series is one that is favored by many photographers, even professionals who might just want a compact camera to take with them on a holiday as opposed to their bulky DSLRs, so you can imagine that many are curious to see what the future of the series holds.

Nikon Unveils Rugged Compact Coolpix W300 Camera
These days camera manufacturers are all about squeezing in the latest specs like new camera sensors, faster autofocus systems, touchscreen displays, improved EVFs, and so on. However sometimes some photographers just want a camera that can withstand the extreme outdoors, and for this market segment, Nikon is gladly obliging.

Olympus Tough TG-5 Rugged Compact Camera Launched
Cameras come in various shapes and sizes and if you’re looking for a camera that can withstand a drop or two or maybe a splash of water, not to worry as Olympus has you covered. The company has recently announced its latest rugged compact in the form of the Olympus Tough TG-5.

Panasonic LUMIX DC-ZS70 Compact Digital Camera Launched
While our smartphones make for great cameras that we can pull out of our pockets and snap photos while on the go, sometimes there is still a need for a “proper” camera. However if you’d rather not lug around a DSLR or invest into a mirrorless system and its interchangeable lenses, a compact camera is probably you next best bet.

Alleged Sony RX1R III Camera Specs Leaked
For a long time, full-frame cameras were typically limited to those of the DSLR variety, but advancements in technology have resulted in companies such as Sony bringing full-frame tech into mirrorless cameras and even compact cameras, such as the RX1 and RX1R II, and now thanks to leaked specs, some details about the RX1R III might have been revealed.

Canon PowerShot SX730 HS Digital Camera Launched
If you’re looking for a new camera but don’t really want to invest in a mirrorless or DSLR system and its lenses, we guess the next best thing you could go for would be a compact camera. There are some who argue that our phones can do a much better job than some compacts these days, and while that might be true, there are some who might still prefer a […]

Nikon Still Has Plans For A High-End Compact Camera
Compact cameras used to seen as cheap and affordable cameras for the masses back in the day. However in recent years, camera manufacturers have recognized how there are consumers who want high-quality images without necessarily having to spend a lot of money on mirrorless or DSLR systems.

Fujifilm X100F Compact Digital Camera Announced
After what felt like an eternity of rumors, it looks like the Fujifilm X100F compact digital camera has been officially announced. It also turns out that the rumors were pretty much right on the money in terms of specs and features, but in case you missed out on those, not to worry as here are the official details.

Alleged Fujifilm X100F And X-T20 Specs Leaked
So the other day photos of both the Fujifilm X100F and X-T20 were leaked. Specs of the X100F have been steadily leaking for awhile now, but in case you wanted a full rundown of the specs of the X100F and the X-T20, then you might be interested to learn that the folks at Fuji Rumors have published the complete list of specs for both cameras.

Alleged Fujifilm X-T20 & X100F Photos Leaked
If you’re shopping for a new compact camera and/or mirrorless camera, you might have heard the rumors from last year that Fujifilm could be launching both the X-T20 and X100F later this month. Now thanks to a post on Nokishita Camera, alleged images of both cameras have been leaked online.

More Fujifilm X100F Alleged Features Revealed
Fujifilm’s X100 series, especially the X100T, has been a pretty popular camera amongst casual and professional photographers. The casuals love it for its ease of use, while the professionals appreciate the quality of the camera despite it not having an interchangeable lens. This is why anticipation is pretty high regarding its successor, the X100F.

No Weather Sealing For Fujifilm X100F [Rumor]
Fujifilm’s higher-end cameras like the X-Pro2 and the X-T2 come with protective features such as weather sealing. What this means is that using them in slightly harsher climates and environments should not present a problem. However if you were hoping that the upcoming Fujifilm X100F will come with similar protective features, you could be disappointed.